Participez au Financement de L'Aziza/ Vegan and Halal beauty box

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Project visual Participez au Financement de L'Aziza/ Vegan and Halal beauty box
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Participez au Financement de L'Aziza/ Vegan and Halal beauty box

Taking care of yourself, applying makeup, getting beautiful is simply the same ritual for millions of women in the world. My goal is to enable every women to access cosmetics and care that are consistent with their culture and beliefs.  I want a multitude of women to have access to plenty of beauty products just like all women. With careful selection, women who care about what they put on their face and body will finally have a choice!


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It was essential for me to propose a Beauty Box for women like me who are concerned about their health and well being. Halal and Vegan cosmetics are the answer for those who want to preserve and enhance their beauty and health while respecting their beliefs. I always paid the utmost attention to what I eat, what more normal than to do the same with what I put on my face, my body and my hair! But if it is easy with food products to manage, for cosmetics it is not the same thing. The goal of my Halal & Vegan Beauty Box is to allow access to hundreds of beauty products, to be able to know and try new products in the same way as any woman, in all serenity.


A little glance on what you will found int the Box

























Aziza Beauty Box has been created to offer beauty addicts a chance to discover new beauty innovations.  Similar in concept to a magazine subscription, clients may select a one month, three-month, or 12-month program.  Since the samples are often the petite versions of the full-size product, they are also travel-friendly too. But if you love your new beauty find, they will be available for purchase at the Aziza e-shop, and at the individual brand’s web-sites, of course.

Allocation of funds


I am currently developing the future website, designing the Box and selecting the products that will be in the box. I have already chosen the manufacturer for the box, selected the manufacturers of cosmetics ... Each product (hundreds ...) has been scrutinized to meet the requirements of my future buyers.


The funding will therefore cover the costs of launching the project:

- Creation of the website                              3200€

- Graphic development


- Launch of box production                           3800€

- Production and delivery of boxes.


The purpose of this collection is that I can put all the chances on my side to succeed this project serenely. It is a project that I am carrying alone and I am aware that to succeed I need help. By helping me or by pre-ordering your box now, you will be the actors of this success by allowing me to launch the site in May 2017 with an active subscribers base.

In the future a part of the benefits will go to a charity association, I picked a few out. I would like to privilege those who help children. 





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