Participez au financement du vélo électrique de Patrice OUILLON Electricien!

Help Patrice Ouillon Electricien to finance its electric bike because we can be an artisan and resolutely sustainable development!

Participez au financement du vélo électrique de Patrice OUILLON Electricien!

The page is turned, after 17 years in IT consulting, give way to another job now: Electrician !!!!!!




Who I am :

Born in 1974, there was no indication in the last few years that I could be an electrician one day ... I wanted to be more a professional manufacturer snowmen.



The years have passed and this ambition is gone away. You can already note that I was looking for the next color. This search for the right color continued later, still without conclusive result...




Even in my free time, this quest invites me with his inspirations, not always inspired ... but we still feel a shift to my life today ... the blue appears !!!




Then the penultimate stage with the appearance of the bike and blue shoes ...



  The final result: Ready to ride and come help you !!!




My goal :

With my electrical equipment diploma since July 2015, I workonmy own from the month of March 2016.


I want to apply to my electrician business, my sustainable development aspirations in few ways: - Recovery of your old equipment



- Use and installation of appliances, low lighting consumption:



- Waste recovery :



- Moving without pollution: One way, cycling !!!!



I want to combine business activity, sustainable development and sport. However, all these aspirations have a cost and it is not always easy to invest when we are at the beginning of an adventure.



My job :

Electrical equipment for repairs or renovation to individual customers, rentals or rental agencies governed, I will not have troubles with traffic jams or parking thanks to my freight bicycle bike.


Fond of new technologies, I will use my dual skill electrician / computer to guide you in your automation projects.




My values :

The consulting profession instilled in me the principles I want to apply my new activity: - Customer respect - The direction of the Board - Love for work well done - Respect of a quote, a budget, a delivery date or intervention.



My credo, punctuality :

I have a big defect for a craftsman ... I can not stand being late ... so sorry because this will certainly annoy customers but ... time is the time! No more pleasure for my customers of not seeing the electrician arrive on time or on the agreed day ...




My offices :

Based in Lyon Charpennes, I work in the city and upto 15 kms away. Thanks to cycle paths and my extraordinary skills in bicycle, I am at least 30 minutes away from your house!



My garanties :

My professionnal insurance !!!



Allocation of funds

This fundraising will allow me to invest in a freight bicycle electric bike that will be the backbone of my development by differentiating me from all other electricians in the Lyon site.


Here it is without the final customization of transport facilities of tools:



For fans of mechanics, here are its features :

- Vélo biporteur à assistance électrique de type URBAN ARROW CARGO XL

- Couleur Noir

- Pneus SCHWALBE Big Apple

- Freinage à disques SHIMANO

- Antivol de Cadre

- Porte Bagage

- Antivol Pliant ABUS Bordo 120 Cm

- Casque ABUS avec protection pluie et kit hiver

- Marquage sur bas de caisse

- Aménagement pour transport d’outils : Malle personnalisée h = 100 x l = 75 x L = 90cm

- Garantie 2 ans

- 1 an d'assurance vol et dommage


The arrangement will allow me to easily store my telescopic ladder, my toolbox and supplies needed for troubleshooting.


Total Price : 8 000€


If fortunately the fundraising went beyond my expectations, I'll use the extra money to finish equipping me in this case, buying a Hilti drill.


Thanks to my storage box I have a large area to display advertising. One of the two sides will be used by my own logo, however, I provide the second for your own advertising. Its size is 90 cm x 60 cm.



Thanks to two of my contributions you can have your logo that will be seen in the streets of Lyon, at eye level, on an original support and your name will be associated with an action "clean".


Counterparties are all consistent with sustainable development and / or made with recycled materials.


(1) Not available outside of France.


(2) Schedules counterparties are limited to the Lyon region and must be made on 2016, but if a sufficient volume of work is subscribed, at least two weeks, I will carry out the work even abroad.


(3) Excluding technical costs of achieving your vision on a magnetic medium.

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