Pat Berning - Nouvel Album: Chants dans la nuit..

A lively music, texts inspired from his experiences and the Bible's Psalms. A special flavor made in Pat Berning!

Project visual Pat Berning - Nouvel Album: Chants dans la nuit..
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Pat Berning - Nouvel Album: Chants dans la nuit..

A new album is always a beautifull and long adventure, dotted with joy but also with difficulties. But lets listen to Pat presenting this new album through this video.


Oh, by the way, .... just one thing,.. we want to ensure that the production of this CD is done in an environmentally friendly manner ... which means :


No toxic product, Control of the disposal of its waste by sorting, Establishing retention system for all dangerous goods eliminating any risk of accidental pollution of liquid products, CTP: Revelations offset plates without chemicals, Fountain Solutions of the press offset without alcohol.


More so, the choice of the feedstock used for the printing packaging will be only with:

Vegetable ink, renewable energy (soybean and rapeseed ), acrylic water-bas

Allocation of funds


What will the collect be used for:


Your support will serve the basic needs of production, namely:


- Studio: 850€


- Equipment rental: 200€

- Prod Transport South Africa – France: 700€

- Graphic design, illustration: 480€

- Printing press (2000 ex) : 1770€


Total amount: 4000€


But it doesn't stop there ... Will be added cost for the promotion:


- card printing, stickers, etc... : 800€


- print media for display library: 700€


- Shipping: 400€


- Press and radio ads: 1500€


- Transportation costs for promotional tour: 900€

- Realization video clip :1800€


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For €10

Thankfullness on an autographed postcard with picture of the band

For €15

3 songs from the new album in MP3 on a USB stick

For €20

The new album sent to your place BEFORE everybody
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For €25

The new album sent to your place BEFORE everybody AND autographed!!!
  • Backers: 18

For €50

the new album autographed + an invitation (for 2 peaple) to the opening night album (special concert with lots of surprises) – excluding transport
  • Backers: 7

For €75

The new album autographed, an invitation to the opening night album (for 2 peaple) as well as the meal (excluding transport) and Pat Berning's CD «LIVE»
  • Backers: 4

For €150

The new album autographed, as well as one of Pat Berning's paintings (Limited Edition)
  • Backers: 6
  • Availability: 4/10

For €200

The new album autographed + an acoustic concert in your living room for you, your family, your neighbors.... (within a radius of 100 km around Aix en Provence or based on the tour plan)
  • Backers: 7

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