Pendle Project

Simplicity, modularity and mobility, participate in the launch of a new collection of furniture 100% made in France.

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Pendle Project

Work, leisure, our lifestyle have changed a lot in just a few decades. The Pendle Project offers furniture that fit these mutations around three strong values : simplicity, modularity and mobility.

The Pendle Project Furniture Collection is aimed at two audiences:

- Individuals: furniture for hall, bedroom, living room, office in the house

 - Professionals: structures for pop-up event, customizable furniture for shops and coworking space.


The Pendle Project is articulated around three strong values:

- The simplicity : A clever system of hooks allows you to easily assemble boxes and shelves to a metal frame. No more tools needed! Made of natural wood from sustainable forests, the shelves and boxes are environmentally friendly. The manufacturing is 100% French.


- Modularity

With three sizes of modules (40, 80 and 120 cm) compose as you like a dressing room for your bedroom, a TV stand for your living room, a library for your office or for your shop.


- Mobility

The structure can be assembled and dismantled in just a few minutes with a disconcerting ease and without tools. No more holes in the walls and untransportable furniture. Chameleons, they can now circulate throughout the house and be transported on your events very easily.



Who Am I ? 

Former pro windsurfer and sails designer living In Marseille (South of France) , I come back to my first love with this woodworking project. 




Allocation of funds

Personal Investment (about 20 000 €)

- Research and development (4 months)

- Prototyping work (2 months)

- Purchase of wood and metal for making the first models for Pop-Up at Terrasses du Port and Docks iof Marseille 

 - Promotions and communication actions: creation of a mini-site of presentation, press release and press kit and social networks accounts


Use of Collect > € 14,500

The collect will be used primarily to purchase machinery for the industrialization of manufacturing 100% made in France in Marseille and the establishment of a merchant site for online sales.

- Stationary sander: 1500 €

- Cabin paint / varnish: 5000 €

- Development of the E-Shop: 8000 €

If the amout of the collect is reached, here are the further investment I would like to make

Level 1 - Stands on Furniture shows : 6500 €

Level  2 - Development and prototyping of new products: 6000 €

Level 3 - Communication plan (brochure, catalog, viral advertising): 4000 €

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