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Make It a Better Place

Petit Minus

Petit Minus has for ambition to become THE ultimate go-to brand for gender neutral and “grow-with-your-baby” clothes and accessories. We are done buying pink for girls and blue for boys in so many sizes: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 18 months, 24 months…

At Petit Minus, everything is gender neutral and we only offer 3 sizes!

0-6 months / 6-12 months / 12-24 months

Today, our planet needs help stopping the fast fashion industry. We, at Petit Minus, have the willingness to manufacture, market and sell our products in the most sustainable manner or way possible, tadhering to strong ethical and environmental standards, without compromising on quality and style, including:

  • Less waste,
  • Less plastic,
  • European Production (Short Production Circuit)
  • Grow-with-your-baby design to ensure durability and longevity,
  • All-inclusive thanks to our gender-neutral style,

Without affecting the quality of the product and its softness.

We want the best for our babies!

Babies’ fastest growing period is between 0 and 2 years old, before they turn into toddlers, kids and... hurricanes. This time is also the one when you tend to buy clothes every month because they don’t fit more than 2 weeks.

What if we could change the clothes to make them “grow” with to your baby? What if we could buy only one pair of legging that lasts 6 months? Incredible. We would save money, energy, time, storage space and help minimize countless undesirable environmental effects in the process.  We would buy less but in better quality.

That’s our true goal: buy less but better.

Today, the fast fashion industry makes you believe clothes are cheap to make. They lead you buy cheap products, made with poor quality polluting and unnatural fabrics, made in unsafe factories and sometimes by children… Clothes for kids and made by kids? Really?

This is why we created our company.

Our ambition is not to completely change the world, but we do want to make a change where we can make an impact. Our goal is to build awareness and share our desire to make a lasting impact and change to the fashion world. We want to offer a smarter clothing alternative, which is more respectful than fast fashion. For our children & our planet, we prefer to give our money to family workshops in Portugal who work with European standards than a polluting factory on the other side of the globe.

This is why we started to make gender-neutral durable clothes and accessories with a unique grow-with-your-baby design.

Gender neutral so they can be worn equally by boys or by girls, allowing them to be passed-down from brother to sister, nieces to nephews; and maybe one day from father to daughter or mother to son. Why not? Our products are also very convenient for parents keeping the gender a surprise for the birth.

Expendable or multi-functional: our main criteria is that all of our products must be resistant, live long and offer multiple possibilities. In other words, smart, practical and sustainable.

To make sure your babies don't just look like they're wearing an oversized garment at first, we've worked on our finishing touches to keep the clothes looking good.

Our expandable legging in size 6-12 months (print not final)

Our expandable sweater in size 6-12 months (print not final)

Our expandable baby sleeping bag, from 0 to 2 years old, can be used in strollers or car seat. (print not final)


Our first collection will offer:

a pair of Leggings – a Sweater – a Baby sleeping bag – a Bib – a Swaddle

It’s a really dear project to us.

But who’s “Us”? Well, it’s us: Guillemette & Thibaut.

Partners in crime, together for 12 years, parents of Scott (3 years old) & Zoé (7 months), in love with Italian food, Star Wars fans, ex-Londoners, world travellers and owners of a home with way too many clothes in our cupboards and wardrobes.

On a more serious note, Guillemette is the one developing the brand and working on the e-shop while Thibaut takes care of the finance and accounting. You can be sure the money of this crowdfunding will serve exactly what it is supposed to. Thibaut is making sure of it!

In life and in business, we are a complementary duo.

But for this company to succeed, we need a trio. And the third party is YOU.  

Allocation of funds

What will we do with the money collected on KissKissBankBank ?

50% will be used for production of Petit Minus garments. It’s no news for you that making quality clothes is expensive. It is tedious work to develop new products.

25% for communication to boost our presence on social media and reach the widest audience possible.

10% will serve to obtain the TOG certification for our baby sleeping bags. It is a certification elaborated by relevant laboratory regarding the heat capacity of our fabrics. This will help parents choose the right sleeping bag according to the degrees in the room and reassure them that their baby will stay warm thanks to our products.

8% commission for KissKissBankBank. Thanks to them, our crowdfunding has a great visibility on their website and someone on their team really helped us organize it. They deserve it!

The remaining 7% will be used for the “goodies” of this crowdfunding (totebags, postcards, posters) and their packaging. All these goodies are made and printed in France (and will allow local companies to work).

What if we exceed our 5 400€ goal?

First of all, we will make a happy dance and sing really loud on « We are the Champions »!

Then if we reach 150%, it will be used to finance a booth at the Kids Etc. Event we dream to participate in. It is a Parisian Festival dedicated to brands for children (and for parents) which helps the press and the public to discover a lot of companies with cool concepts.

And if you're completely crazy and we reach 200%, it would be complete euphoria because it would allow us to release new products! Each product development is tedious and expensive, but we have tons of ideas to complete our range. So the more money we have, the more we can create an incredible collection!

In any case, please know that participating in a crowdfunding is not only giving money for a reward, it is making a real person's dream come true and telling them that you believe in them, believe in the project.

And even if you can't help financially, there are 1001 ways to support our project. You can subscribe to our Instagram account, our Facebook page, talk about our crowdfunding, talk about our brand, spread the word to people who might be interested, place an order later when the online store opens, or just send us a little love note.

So to all those who will support us in this adventure, both financially and morally, Thank you! Thank you for believing in us and helping us realize this crazy dream of having our own company and brand.

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