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Petite créatrice deviendra officielle !



Hello and welcome everyone!


My name is Anne, I am 26 years old and I am a self-employed seamstress and craft artist.


From the time I was a child, my passion has been creating. In addition to my small business, I decided to launch my own online shop on Alittlemarket, a selling platform for crafters and artists.


Using Alittlemarket, I have crafted for my family, friends, then friends of friends, other crafters and artists, and even for the general public. In the last few months, I have made more and more contacts and received even more orders...


My work is being taken seriously, and it’s time that my company to be taken seriously too! :)


With that, I realize that I need a brand to market my products and protect my current and future designs. I want to be able to share my work more widely without fear that it could be reproduced without my knowledge or consent.


Also, I want my customers to be absolutely certain that my work is handcrafted personally by me.


This step is crucial for any artist, and I would have liked to fund it myself. Unfotunately, my current income isn’t enough to cover the fees, and that is why I need your help!


Any and all of your contributions would be deeply appreciated!  And of course, prizes will be distributed to contributors based on the amount invested.

(See right-hand column for chart of donation levels and prizes)


To discover my univers, you can follow me and like my FacebookPage.


To see my online shop, come this way!


Thank you everyone!




Allocation of funds

I am going to give a detail explanation of the funding.

Why 320€ ?


An electronic brand deposit costs 210€ and provides a maximum of 3 classes for your brand (valid for 10 years). A "class" is a product or service category, which defines what you are creating, selling, working on...

Any "class" beyond the 3 included in the electronic brand deposit will cost an additional 42€.


My future brand needs 5 "classes" : 4 products and 1 service




- Class 25 : Clothes, shoes, hat making

- Class 24 : Cloth and textile products not included in other classes; bedspreads; tablecloths

- Class 18 : Leather and imitation leather, products made from materials not included in other classes; animal skins; luggage and trunks; parasols and umbrellas; canes; wipes and saddlery

- Class 16 : Paper, cardboard and product in those materials, not included in other classes; printing products; binding; photography; stationary; adhesives for stationary or cleaning; materials for artists; brushes; typewriters and office supplies (but not furnishings); instruction or teaching material (but not machines); plastic materials for wrapping (and not included in other categories); printing characters; photo reproduction.




- Class 40 : Material treatment

(The part concerning this class is Sewing/Alteration)


So, I need 210€ for my brand deposit with 3 class included + 2 classes in addition at 42€ each, for a total of 294€.


The rest corresponds to the 8% that kisskissbankbank is asking, to whom I am grateful in advance :)


If we go above and beyond our goal, anything "above" will be invested in materials to create new products and generate new ideas... I will of course keep you posted here and on my facebook page of those investments!


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