Pieds nus dans l'herbe, ballades gymnopédiques

Help us to launch our association "L'arbre de Mambré", dedicated to Arts and Education, funding our first music album!

Project visual Pieds nus dans l'herbe, ballades gymnopédiques
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Pieds nus dans l'herbe, ballades gymnopédiques

Read in music !


The Album

"Ballades herbagymnopédiques" features the compostions of François-Xavier Thoorens played on the piano. Above are the mockups !



The Autor




François-Xavier is a Mégahomeworker paternally present, multi-creator in all kind of keyboards (in French, "Xavier" and "clavier" are so close......)


Improvisor and compositor, he offers the pieces he plays depending on his mood. Chopin style, Gerschwin, Grieg, Ravel or Prokoviev, plus his own way... It was time to wrap all together in a true album !


Allocation of funds

The Association


Years of thoughts and creations leads us to open an association here, in Jura, France, where children and families could share some beautiful projects all together around arts: dance, music, fine arts, theater, painting, and also pottery, wood, and all handcrafts....


"Mambré" stands for "Maison des Arts Motivée par le Beau et le Réel dans l'Education", which means a House of Arts Driven by Beauty and Real for Education.




The budget


- recording and mixing : 900 €

- pressing CD and printouts : from 1400 to 1650 €

- mailing charges : from 1400 to 2800 €

- KissKiss charges : 300 €


The first base would add up to 4000 €.



Goal 200%


Of course we would like to do more and dream forward and upward! To begin our activities in theater, painting and publishing our newspaper, we would enjoy all kind of donations.


For all that we need YOU !! 

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