Pisteur Mag - Le Mag des Pisteurs Secouristes

Take part in the birth of "Pisteur Mag", the 1st magazine for ski patrol, technical and scientific data sharing, portraits and news !

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Pisteur Mag - Le Mag des Pisteurs Secouristes

PisteurSecouriste.com was founded in 2016 by Sandrine, Louise, Colas, Axelle, René, Robert. Enthusiast ski patrollers from all French mountain areas, they also represent all ski patrol activities (alpine, nordic, nursing, instructing…).

PisteurSecouriste.com is an association, and also a web portal for and about ski patrollers, and mountain safety in general.


Supported by mountain guides, the association also offer avalanche awareness sessions.


To know more about the association : www.pisteur-secouriste.com


PisteurSecouriste.com is also a magazine : Pisteur Mag.




Pisteur Mag is a bi-annual journal, to fit ski patrollers and mountain enthusiasts’ expectations about rescue techniques, medical facts, snow science, interviews and news.


Ski patrollers and local associations now have their own journal!


What you can find in the mag:

- Interviews from ski patrollers, mountain managers and all ski industry actors

- Local news from ski patrol associations

- A close view on new ski gear and brands

- Specific news on rescue techniques, snow studies and safety, regulation and jurisdiction

- Information on how to set up a ski patrol exchange or work in another country

- Articles on education in order to improve skills

- Testimonies

- A list of all events organized in France and the rest of the world


Therefore, if you believe like us that the "pisteur magazine" is an ambitious but solid project which would effectively contribute to:


- Bring information that you can not find anywhere else

- Professionally support ski patrollers and rescue people

- Develop the richness of the profession

- Inform on all different categories of ski patrollers (downhill, nordic, dog handlers, nurses, trainers, etc...)


Please help us to finance the edition of the magazine in order to reach all ski patrollers and have a direct impact on both national and international levels.


Who are we ?


A volunteer team very well motivated...


Sandrine : I was doing something completely different in microelectronics, and then in 2000, I quit everything to become a ski patroller....Since, I have been living in Monêtier les Bains, Hautes-Alpes, and working as a ski patroller in Montgenèvre.. I Ski patrolled in New Zeland for 3 years, I have a special interest to develop relations with the ski patrols everywhere in the world and in France. We would like to work with all the local organisations on projects to the common interest of  ski patrollers. Create the magazine Pisteur Mag is one of them !.


Louise : Originaire de Briançon dans les Hautes Alpes, J'ai vécu une dizaine d’années dans les Rocheuses Canadiennes. Sept saisons d’hiver à Sunshine Village, dans la province de l’Alberta, m' ont permis de découvrir le métier de pisteur. C’est là bas que j'ai été formée et que j'ai passé différents modules de la CAA (Canadian Avalanche Association). De retour en France, je suis actuellement étudiante infirmière en deuxième année à l’IFSI de Briançon. Ma passion pour le grand nord canadien et le métier de pisteur m'a déterminée à permettre à d’autres pisteurs de mettre en place des échanges avec l’étranger grâce à notre association.


Colas: I have been working in Queyras (France) since I started in 2011 as ski patroller/groomer driver. I have the chance to enjoy an endless winter for 2 years between Queyras and Treble Cone in New Zealand. In the association, I am particularly interested in developing international ski patrol exchanges and centralizing ski gear pro deals.


René : I'm lucky, I have been ski patrolling for 25 years in Les Pyrénées. Ski patrol 3rd level, First aid and ski patrol Instructor .I would like to pass on knowledge and advice on all ski patrol aspects to all ski patrollers.Through the magazine, we will be able to circulate professionnal information on legislation,training, legal etc…


Robert : Ski patrol 3rd level, First aid and ski patrol Instructor I would like to give the benefit of my knowledge and advice on all ski patrol aspects to all ski patrollers and can do this through the magazine





Allocation of funds

It means the completion of the magazine, printing, circulation and associated promotion through media.


Requirements for publication of the magazine:

- About 52 pages / print run of 2000 copies / sent to the ski patrol, the managers of ski patrol, the resort managers and professional organisations, mountaineering organisation bodies, and available on  congresses.  


Estimated cost:

- Collection of articles: 0 €  initial articles donated by interested parties

- Initial draft of the magazine and layout: 0 € done voluntarily by the founders

- Printing 2000 copies 2000 € based on average quotes.

- Shipping P&P to the resorts,patrollers,members, donors + circulation on congresses: 660 €

- Other costs kkbb, third parties 340 €


If we raise € 3,000:

We will have reached the 1st goal and can publish the 1st edition of Pisteur magazine in the quantity desired and distributed as mentioned above.


And if thanks to you we raise even more, it will allow us to develop other communication media and contribute to our start-up costs:


With € 4,500:

You will have given us a big hand which will facilitate our startup, contributing to much of our administrative costs .we will be able to develop products for our membership , for example, head or neck wear( buffs) and unique Pisteur sweatshirts and stickers. 


With € 5,000:

We can create a digital version of the magazine and a version for Tablets and e-books.


With € 6,500:

We would be able to start work on the 2nd edition of Pisteur magazine without the worry of financing it from scratch again.


If we raise even more……


We can start to outsource design work and start to attract advertisers. We could even produce more in- depth articles and set up an International version.


Choose your reward

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Estimated delivery: June 2016

A big thank you + 2 stickers + Your name/photo in the thank you page of magazine + 1 initiation tandem flight in paragliding from may to october near Grenoble + Pisteur Mag#1 in paper version
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