Point de fuite comme Point de vue

Help us realize a photo roadtrip under the sun, at sea, in France and in Italy.

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Point de fuite comme Point de vue

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This project is a part of a body-project that looks at the European (and close) coasts.


...quando Catania spacca!


Point de fuite comme point de vue started with the desire of photographing the coast with the viewpoint of the sea; to freeze time and hang the eyes and the ears on the lanscapes and lives surrounding it. This project gathers testimonials of unpredictable situations that life offers along the 1 120 miles that we will travel.


Mi tuffooooooooo


The images taken during the trip will be exhibited in Catania at our arrival in Sicily and in Paris. These photos will be presented with music composed specifically for the project.


These music clips will be produced by the musician/producer Nutype in his studio in Catania. Everyday, he will receive the images that will inspire him in his work. These clips won't be limited in time, they can be short or long and will be the soundtracks for the images produced.




During the events (exhibitions), the soundtrack will be remixed in a live improvisation by Nutype. This session will be different each time to ensure a unique performance.



A facebook page Point de fuite comme point de vue, dedicated to the trip, will be a plateform of live publication. We will share all the visual contents and musical pieces, before, during and after the roadtrip.

A book will be edited, presenting a selection of photos taken during the trip.



Allocation of funds

Our project has a total budget of 4000€. We will use our personal fund to finance 1700€. 


Your contribution will help us pay for :

> transportation : 1000€

> photography equipment (films, lenses, accessories, prints) : 800€

> studio rental for our soundtrack album recording : 500€


Point de fuite comme point de vue is a project of exchange and sharing. Our approach is to integrate the financers in our route by setting up a plateforme of exchange since the preparation of our project.



If we happen to raise more than what we asked for, the extra fund will help us organize our exhbitions. The prints, sizes and number depend on the extra amount we raise.


We also want this project to continue in other locations and we are already thinking about it. By participating to this small project, you can help financing the next one !


Thank you :) !


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