Pollution Dance Show au Népal

Support a belgian-nepalese artistic creation about pollution, its problems and it's solutions.

Project visual Pollution Dance Show au Népal
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Pollution Dance Show au Népal

<p>We are Marion and Tatiana, we come from Belgium. We decided to put our knowledge, our qualities and our priviledges to the service of an artistic and social project. We are creating a dance school (and it&#39;s dance company) with the purpose to disarm fears and clich&eacute;s and replace them by the curiosity of the stranger. We come from Brussels, which is a beautiful city for its multiculturality and we want to bring people together. No matter their origin or their actual social status. We wish to make people travel the world through dance and we already had the chance to discover Senegal through the amazing &quot;Ecole des Sables&quot; and the Technique Acogny, a beautiful picture of west African traditional dances and contemporary created by the magnificent Germaine Acogny.. Today we are in Nepal, creating a dance and theatre show about a topic that affects a lot the nepalese community : pollution. Those shows will be a way to mobilize the audience around climate change and the solutions set up.</p>

Allocation of funds

<p>The collect will help us to pay the theater rent for 3 days of shows (6 representations = 45 000 nepalese roupies), rent for the lights (15 000 nepalese roupies) and rent of the theater for rehearsals (15 000 nepalese roupies). If the collect goes well, the rest of the funds will help us for the production and creation of the set and costumes.</p>

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