Portrait d'un gym de boxe par une "Underdog"

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Project visual Portrait d'un gym de boxe par une "Underdog"
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Portrait d'un gym de boxe par une "Underdog"

Introduction : When I announced I was leaving for Quebec in 2014, my mind was set: I had to reorganize my life. I was and still am convinced that in order to attain happiness, you’ve got to achieve good self-esteem. The self-love ensuing helps into taking risks for making something a little productive with our lives. Oh and also, be happy. In our own way. For my part, I had to accept myself if I would hope one day to evolve and get a bit closer from touching happiness. Obviously, acceptance comes from a certain change of habit, and of course a little « kick in the butt »! To start off, I had to try regular physical activity. This for, I chose boxing.


On May 7th 2014, I first pushed the front door of 9 St. Catherine East, Montreal. In the basement, there it was: the Underdog Boxing Gym.





Who? My name is Hélène, I’m 28 and French.


What? The edition of a documentary book of the Underdog Gym. Its content will show off portraits, confessions from both coaches and boxers, Olympians and professionals. I selected in most part black and white pictures in order to follow a dynamic flow throughout the pages







Why? For many reasons. *Realize my very first personal project *Bring up a fresh visibility to the Underdog Gym. *And, to say « thanks ».


Why say thanks? For bringing into this world a place where goodwill is all around and where judgement doesn’t exist. Also saying thanks for the self-confidence I gained through the process and the serenity that came along with self-acceptance, as well as all the cheering and appreciation without counterpart.





How? In September 2015 I introduced the idea of this book to the Underdog Gym owner. In the wake of the project, I realized interviews and pictures, then took it all with me to France. For about a year, with the help of many allies, the book was finally coming to life.


A year later, end of September 2016, I was adopted by the Underdog family and I was given the opportunity of growing professionally.


When? The release of the book planned for 2017, for the Underdog Gym’s 10 years’ anniversary.


Donation: 10% of the sales will be donated to GMM foundation. The fund raising will enable children from Congo to access scholarships. To know more : http://www.fondationgmm.com/




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YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER : It's for the good cause !







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