Poster Rafa Nadal on the moon

A copy, for 10€, at home!

Project visual Poster Rafa Nadal on the moon
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Poster Rafa Nadal on the moon

The project in 2 words :

Hello everyone, we can't print this poster in small quantities. And we are sure that some fans might be interested! The printer asks us for 15 copies minimum. Printing on cardboard paper + top finish + gold finitions.

Designers :

Ufez Design, We are a collective of artists based in Paris. Normally we like to make small exhibitions of our works, but, because of Covid situation, it is on the internet today that we ask for your support! 
We are 4 artists from the Paris region, coming from various universes. Each one having his graphic paw, we will try to propose you a maximum of creation online!

Allocation of funds

To print your posters and send them to you! 

The single poster costs about 7€, to which we add 3€ for shipping (France or international).

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