Premier Album du Dedication Big Band 100% RECYCLABLE

New, original and 100% recyclable Big Band music!

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Premier Album du Dedication Big Band 100% RECYCLABLE

The Dedication Big Band just recorded its first, 100% recyclable album, and we need your support to create and release it! We have lots of goodies in exchange for your support, ranging from signed albums, posters, concerts tickets, backstage hangs and much more... thanks a million-fold for your support!

  • We’re making an album!

Dear all,

I’m very excited to be recording in just a few weeks with my group, The Dedication Big Band. We are a group of 17 musicians playing my original music, of which each piece is dedicated to a person, event or cause which inspires me. After a residency at Aux Petits Joueurs in Paris which lasted over 2 years, the Dedication Big Band is pushing on by recording our first album,which will be entirely recyclable (more on that later!), at the famous Meudon Studios outside of Paris.

  • 100% recyclable, no plastic involved!

This will be an exceptional project for a jazz album, as no plastic products will be involved! We are create a magnificent cardboard cover and mini-booklet, containing texts about the songs and their inspirations, as well as the incredible photography of JM Guerin, the genius photographer who’s been following us from the start. The final product will be a beautiful cardboard booklet, containing a link for an HD recording of the album - all 100% recyclable!

Today, the ecological impact is the crux of any project which aims to create an objet. 1000 copies of a CD create 38 pounds of Category 7 plastic, which is by far the most difficult to recycle, and take up to 200 years to disintegrate. Very much like the “Biophilia” label based in NYC, the Dedication Big Band aims to spread its music in an ecologically-minded way. Which is why the album booklet will be entirely recyclable!

  • The DBB’S new and original music

Though the Dedication Big Band has played many different repertoires in its 2-year residency - from big band classics, to contemporary rock covers, to songs featuring singers - this album is 100% original material, all written by its bandleader and composer Philippe Maniez. The final album will comprise of 11 songs, clocking in at 70 minutes, where contrasting moods feature the outstanding soloists in the band. The moods of the music vary widely, from profound and meditative to spectacular and whirling ensemble passages!

Thus “Terraform” is a tribute to space exploration and the West-coast entrepreneur Elon Musk, who aims to colonise Mars by te end of the century ; “Berghain Etude” is a nod to the Berlin nightclub where literally anything can (and will) happen; and “Nasty Woman” pays tribute to the Womens’ March in Washington, where the loud unisons of the big band are not unlike a crowd of protesters, determined to stop at nothing.

  • Meet the band!

The Dedication Big Band are, first and foremost, a very large group of friends ; their virtuosity and professionalism are a close second. In this album, you’ll be able to hear:

Philippe Maniez - Drums and percussion, compositions and direction

Vladimir Médail - Electric Guitar

Bastien Brison - Piano and keyboards

Arthur Henn - upright and electric bass 


Pascal Mabit - lead alto, soprano saxophone and co-direction

Guillaume Guedin - alto 2

Bastien Weeger - tenor 1

Pierre-Marie Lapprand - tenor 2 and soprano

Balthazar Naturel - barytone


Robinson Khoury - trombone 1

Michaël Ballue - trombone 2

Jules Boittin - trombone 3

Luca Spiler - basse trombone


Alexis Bourguignon - lead trumpet

Léo Jeannet - 2nd trumpet

Jules Jassef - 3rd trumpet

Noé Codjia  - 4th trumpet


We can’t wait for this record to be made and come to light, and we need your help do make it happen! If you are still reading, chances are you enjoy great endeavours and large ensemble music, so tell your friends and stay posted here for more news on the record!

Thank you for your support and see you soon!

Philippe Maniez and the Dedication Big Band

Photo credits: JM Guerin, Irène Martin

Allocation of funds

The DBB will perceive all the funds from this crowdfunding, excluding the KKBB and transaction commission of approximately 630€. The funds will cover all the important and elementary costs of making the album:

- The rental of the Meudon Studios with one additional sound engineer 2400€

- The mixing and mastering of the album: 1500€

- The printing of 1000 copies of the cardboard booklet 1000€

- The design of the booklet: 500€

- Photography and graphics for the album: 800€

- Photographie and video footage of the studio recording: 1000€


/// still here? Congrats, you've unlocked the secret giveway! Send an email to philippe.maniez(at) (title: SECRET KISS) to receive one track from the album and unreleased photo footage from the studio recording! ///


If we make it past our initial goal, we've set two tiers at which we will allocate the extra funds:

+ 1000€

The Dedication Big Band will hire a press consultant for the band, who will spread the DBB's music in all sorts of media, in France and internationally. This includes, but is not limited to: radio interviews and features, television spots, specialised press, streaming platforms, music festivals. This will allow us more exposure, and will help book the band for future performances.

+ 2000€

The Dedication Big Band will print an additional 1000 copies and send them nationwide and abroad to concert promoters, festivals, tour managers... in order to get the word out far and wide. We hope that the ecological message of our product, as well as our music, will attract attention and set an example and help us secure further engagements!


Thank you for your support and see you soon!

Philippe Maniez and the Dedication Big Band


Photo credits: JM Guerin, Irène Martin

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