Premier CD de Roccassera Quartet

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Premier CD de Roccassera Quartet

You will receive in your mailbox one or more CDs (depending on your choice of contribution) from Roccassera Quartet. The release is scheduled for summer 2019.
We will be recording in Coaraze (06) at the end of March 2019.
Roccassera Quartet delivers instrumental, refined, dancing, popular and unclassifiable music. Using influences from the Mediterranean to Latin America with ease. An invitation to party, the original creations seem familiar, full of spontaneity and energy, virtuosity and improvisation. Under the direction of Jean-Louis Ruf-Costanzo, the group brings together the excellent Frédéric Viale, true poet of the accordion, Pascal Reva, stirring and inspired drummer of Nojazz among others and the Italian violinist Sergio Caputo, connecting with the music of around the Mediterranean and Africa. Jean-Louis Ruf-Costanzo on the Mandoloncelle (Melonious Quartet) composed most of the pieces by Roccassera Quartet.


Allocation of funds

After two years of existence, and a very positive introduction with the public, through concerts, we plan to record our repertoire.

A CD will be released on the label FIC, "Fatto In Casa".
Fatto In Casa is a group of actors involved in a traditional phonographic edition. In contrast to conventional music production, Fatto In Casa defends emancipated musicians from any normative form.
For this we need financing. The label supports sound recording (recording location, soundman's salary, recording, editing, mixing and mastering), part of the CDs’ production (graphic design, art cover and film making) and SDRM fees.
But we have other costs to cover.
The salaries of musicians, and the social contributions are evaluated at 2400 € (two studio days at 300 € gross, for four musicians).
For the meals of the musicians and the soundman, on one day of installation and two
recording days will require 200 €.
It will be necessary to contribute to the manufacturing of the CD - that is evaluated at 800 €.
To buy the envelopes and finance the mailing of your counterparties, I have accounted for 280 €.
I am also planning the site commission Kisskissbankbank which is 8%, or 320 €.

As you know, if the goal is not achieved, the project is abandoned, and all contributions are fully reimbursed by this site.
On the other hand if the necessary sum is reached, we will be delighted, thank you for your help and wish you an excellent time listening to this good music!

I will collect the entirety of the contribution

Thanks to La Pixellerie who made the videos, to Fiftyfifty who created the graphics and to Patrick Paquier for the photo.

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