Production CD Digipack - Mi Sourire Mi Sanglot - Dust Of Jys

Finance the album "Mi Sourire Mi Sanglot" - Progressive metal album by Jérémy GUIBERT

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Production CD Digipack - Mi Sourire Mi Sanglot - Dust Of Jys

Mi Sourire Mi Sanglot the Dust Of Jys - Is a Progressive Metal Solo Project by Jérémy GUIBERT - Mix of Heavy riffs, Melodic voices, Sharp bass and psychedelic keys.



For people who appreciate Pain Of Salvation, Devin Townsend, Haken but also Pink Floyd, will find their happiness in those 6 tracks that this album has to offer.


A 60 minutes album in witch I put a lot of things: my feelings, reflection, emotions and some images ...



The album contains 6 songs and was mixed and mastered by Sebastien LANGLE.


TrackList :

- Liquid Daemons - Part I (4'25)

- Liquid Daemons - Part II (9'00)

- The Circle (9'42)

- Wrong Past (7'22)

- Few Seconds (7'15)

- Resigning Angel (20'10)





The beginning  


Dust of JYS is a project of progressive metal. This project is only studio and is not intended to the scene.   I started playing guitar at the age of 15.

This was followed by garage bands and acoustic trio. Life went on, and the time I needed to get involved in a band, went missing.


I started playing acoustic compositions alone but progressive metal remained in the depths of my artistic objectives.   Since I wasn't able to create music from my heart, in 2008, I decided to compose from my own an album using all instruments proper to metal music, starting width drums and bass guitar.  


Four years where needed to finalize the album Insane and the history of Dust of Jys will not stop there!  


My influences  


I draw my musical influences in progressive metal in general, but specifically in bands like Pain Of Salvation, Demians, Haken...  


My home-studio  


I have in my little 9m2 home-studio:  


An Eleven Rack by Avid which permits me to do guitar, basse, singing and MIDI takes as well for drums or keyboards. But it almost offer greats emulations of the most famous guitar amps.

Two monitoring speakers Prodipe - 2x100w

A MacBook Pro with Protools 10

A cardioid microphone AKG Perception 420

A coffee maker that makes good coffee, Gringo!  


My instruments  


A Fender Telecaster guitar with two humbuckers

An 8 string Ibanez guitar 

A 5 strings Ibanez guitar bass

An electroacoustic steel string guitar, Takamine Santa Fe

A Yamaha classical guitar

An electronic drum Roland

A midi keyboard M-Audio

Allocation of funds

This fund-raiser will finance the pressing of 100 CD's in DigiPack and the production of T-Shirt.


If the targeted funds are exceeded I will order more CD's and some goodies



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