A comedy that you will be proud to produce!


The project

 A Prophet called Louis is an original comedy written by Hind Muillard and myself. The shooting will take place in May and today we need your help to finance it!  The 5 minutes film will be shown to famous french director Luc Besson in jun.  We also plan to send the film to various film festivals. The movie tells the story of Louis, a young man, who becomes a prophet overnight. He is then trained by the 4 traditional and emblematic prophets. 


Here is an overview of my previous work:

        The technical team will consist of other students of Ecole de la cité:  1st Assistant Director: Maxime Faure,    Director of Photography: Théo Gueguen, Sound ingeneer: Maxime Dufils,   Original Music:Augustin Arbon,  Executive producer: Grégoire Pontoizeau, 2nd Assistant: Mélio Mascor    Make Up: Lalia Eich-Cheikh,  Set Designer: Judith Berlanda-Beauvallet, Perchman: William Pourtales,    Script Girl: Emily Spurgeon, Video-Editor: Yannis Pointecouteau, Unit Manager: Sahel Eich-Cheikh,  Cesar DE LORME, Director    Hind Muillard, Script Writer                                                                                                               



Why fund it?

By helping me finance this film, you automatically become co-producer. You're welcome! Co-producing a film is your dream since forever ? Well fulfil this dream by sending your name in the credits of A Prophet called Louis ! We are partnered with the School created by Luc Besson who provides us with filming material valued about to 25,000 USD (Cameras, sound, lights) So: We have the script, the team and the equipment... But no way to move forward! The money you invest will help us to pay for all the logistics of the film! Transports, meals, assurance and more importantly it will pay for more advanced shooting material like a steadicam. The steadicam will improve significantly the artistic value of the production by stabilizing all the camera shots. We will also be able to afford a Black-magic camera to shoot our film in 4k definition, one of the highest image-quality found today! So to summarize, by helping us out, not only do you become a producer, you become a producer of a good film! Thank you all and welcome aboard!   Screen_shot_2015-04-18_at_1.40.47_am-1429314071  My Director of Photography Théo Gueguen filming using a steadicam on my last short-film:Screen_shot_2015-04-16_at_9.53.41_am-1429170847 Screen_shot_2015-04-16_at_9.54.46_am-1429170908                                                                                                                                                                        The screening will take place at La Cité du Cinéma, The "french Hollywood"



Après avoir vécu 14 en France, je me suis expatrié avec mes parents aux Philippines où j’ai continué mes études dans une école internationale. Diplômé du Bac International, je suis parti au Canada pour faire un majeur en études cinématographiques à l’Université de Montréal. Avide d’aventure, j’ai quitté le froid québécois pour rejoindre la jungle... See more

FAQ Questions about the project

+ A quoi servira l'argent?

Nous disposons déjà de l'équipe technique et d'une grosse partie du matériel, le plus gros est fait! Malheureusement, nous n'irons pas loin sans le budget logistique (Transport comédiens, équipe et matériel, repas, logement... ) ! Nous manquons aussi de matériel de tournage indispensable pour garantir une qualité optimale comme un Steadicam et un Dolly.

Newest comments

Très beau projet ! Bravo ! Un dernier petit soutien d'une co-productrice Yangonite,)
Réalisez-vous!...Et faites-nous rêver, on a besoin de prophète(s)!
Ravie de participer au projet, j'attends avec impatience la projection. Bon tournage a toute l'équipe.