Proud EP - Jo Hall

Jo Hall - EP release. We have recorded our first EP and need a little help to print up some CDs to share with you all!

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Proud EP - Jo Hall

I am an English Singer Songwriter currently based in Paris, France with a 5 piece band.  We formed in February 2014 and have just made our first recording - a 3 track EP which is so far entirely self-funded.  We are looking for help in the manufacturing of the CD's and covers for our very first EP! 


The band is:


Jo Hall - Vocals and Acoustic Guitar

Maxime Pichon - Lead Guitar

Quentin Leclerq - Bass and Double Bass

Romain Chenard - Drums

Anne Sophie Maillard - Backing Vocals









Allocation of funds

Everyone has put in a tremendous amount of effort into the band since we formed in February 2014. This is our first EP and after putting all our energy into this we want to share the music with you all.  We currently don't have any material recorded and what we really want is rather than just doing a digital release .... is to have an actual CD!  So far this has been completely self funded project and really we would like to be able to have something physical to show for it rather than just a digital release.


To get an idea of our sound you can listen here:


We have estimated €700 as a contribution for the manufacture, printing and duplication of the EP and also release costs.  Any extra money donated would go towards the manufacture of more Cd's or to the promotion of the EP.


€565 - Printing of a 4 Panel Digipack cover and CD Duplication and delivery

€30 - EP Release Costs via 'Ditto Music'

€50 - Printing and delivery of 250 promotional postcards

€56 - Kiss Kiss Bank Bank Fee



It's pretty simple so I'm not going to say anything else except for .... we are really grateful for any help you can offer!


Jo and the band x






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Estimated delivery: May 2015

EARLY BIRD OFFER! The 1st 10 people to order this deal get the €20 reward for just €15! Digital download of EP, CD posted to you on release and a personal thank you on the EP cover.
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