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« C’est Koi un Ptikoi ?! »

Ptikoi what is it ?! 'C'est Koi un Ptikoi" is a hanging sentence associated with Ptikoi brand

So , c’est koi un ptikoi ?!





Ptikoi is the name of 2 pandas who love sweets « candy, caramels, chocolate, marshmallows,  ice cream ».

They are cute sweet, always smiling and sometimes pranksters, they munch life full tooth

With their curves , fine lines,

Ptikoi will delight young and old !!!!

Do you feel like a bite Ptikoi !


Who is behind PTIKOI !

I introduce myself Cedric KOUA.

Having had several professional experiences, I always had the soul of an entrepreneur. With the hand of my colleagues, we have created the Ptikoi I would like to associate with the world of delicacies.The idea is to open the first concept store Ptikoi delicacies. Do you want to finance the first Ptikoi shop !











The Ptikoi shop will be a "self service" sweets shop where you can spoil yourself with delicacies of all kinds ( sweets , chocolates , marshmallows , ice cream etc ... .. ) .

Indulging and also the one to please the ones with treats.

So I make an appeal to the bankers kiss kiss and all the delicacies of love to raise funds to finance the work and setting the store service.

Also, I set up the website Ptikoi :

On the website , you can discover the Ptikoi , I wanted to make a fun and playful site. You will be able to know a little more about Ptikoi and me with a " quiz tab ! "

You can also download wallpapers on your mobile .

If you have a smartphone or a touch pad , beautiful surprises await you on .













Allocation of funds

What will the collection!


The objective of this gathering is to reach the first tier to 15000€.

The money will fund and develop products Ptikoi brand.


Tier 1 : 15000€


I can finance and develop Ptikoi produced in small quantities; either:

• Ptikoi the fluff: 6000€

• the TShirts "I love Ptikoi": 6500€

• the Ptikoi badges: 500€

• The MUG Ptikoi: 1500€


If through your favorite, your donation to Ptikoi we exceed Tier 1 : 15000 €,

 I can support the work of the shop.


2nd Landing 60000€


This 2nd Landing 60,000€ will allow me to fund the work of the shop with minimal to start.


Estimated quote summary

Maçonnerie- false ceiling - tiled floor - electricity: 25000 €

Furniture-decoration-design-laying light furniture teaches: 20000€

Equipment sales: 3000€

Bags - advertising: 3000€

candy dispensers: 5000€

Stock (working capital) candy- ice cream: 4000€    


TOTAL : 60,000€




3rd Landing at € 120,000


In addition to all that is stated above, this 3rd Landing enable me to develop and launch a production Ptikoi confectionery. You can discover and taste new flavors (sweets, jellies, caramels, chocolate marshmallows wipers) with Ptikoi delicacies. and the purchase of an Italian soft ice cream machine: 2 + 1 variegated flavors (vanilla-strawberry-chocolate) for ice fond Italian.


4th Landing at € 155,000


The Ptikoi shop boasts design "Concept Store" that is unique and differentiates it from its competitors. In addition to all that is stated above, the store will benefit from a fully glazed façade, LED illuminated sign. Either a complete dressing and customized to give a little more impact, beautification and visibility in order to be well received by customers.  


5th and last bearing 185,000 €


The purpose of this challenge, Ptikoi Crowdfunding is to mobilize kisskiss bankkers and lovers of sweets (confectionery) in order to build together a beautiful candy sales space friendly with acid colors "1rd Ptikoi concept store".

At this stage the Ptikoi shop will be fully financed without external supply (banks & the other state agencies).

I can finance a law through the lease of about € 30,000 for an area between 30 to 45m2 in a small town.    


To achieve Ptikoi needs you !!!!  

Together everything becomes possible


















Choose your reward


• 2 badges • Thanks to the facebook page • The logo Ptikoi


    • one mug • Thanks to the facebook page


      • One T-Shirt • Thanks to the facebook page


        • One mug • One T-Shirt


          • Deux T-Shirts • Un mug • Remerciement sur la page facebook
          • 4 backers


          •2 T-Shirts • 1 mug • 1 Ptikoi plush Thanks to the facebook page


            • 2 badges •3 T-shirts • 2 Ptikoi plushs •Thanks to the facebook page
            • 1 backer


            • 2 badges • 1 mug • 3 Tshirts • 2 Ptikoi plush • Thanks to the facebook page


              choosing gifts listed above and your name on the project website .


                Personalized invitation to the inauguration of the Ptikoi shop , your name on the project website and choosing gifts


                  We will contact you to adjust private in return

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