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PUBLICATION, an independent review dedicated to artists’ books releases its first issue!

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publication revue

publication is an annual review about artists’ books and publications. Bilingual French/English, it is the first volume of a multidisciplinary project aiming to give artists’ editions a “public” status, open, accessible to all and for the use of all. WHAT IS IT EXACTLY? Providing a new platform for discussion, reflection and creation to the many actors who make publishing an artistic practice. It also deals more widely with any other forms of books related to the art field. publication brings together artists, publishers, gallery owners, academics, printers, bookbinders, booksellers, distributors… as personalities with diverse practices and intentions, all serving a common context. publication it’s interviews and talks, but also book presentations that give a close look at editorial projects. Considering the book as an alternative space of expression and exhibition, each issue offers carte blanche to young and more established artists who have the opportunity to show their work through pages entirely dedicated to their project. publication brings together many international personalities involved in the publishing world, they reveal their careers and share the various aspects of their practice. WAIT, WHAT IS AN ARTIST’S BOOK? “Artists’ books and publications are characterized by a search for congruence between editorial formulation and artistic intent. They are not books about art (art books, artists’ writings, exhibition catalogues, etc.), but are themselves an art object, as well as the results of production methods that are common to most printed matter we encounter everyday, from our office environments to bookstores and libraries. ” Excerpt from the opening text of publication revue n° 1, written by Jérôme Dupeyrat (contemporary art history teacher, art critic, curator, and PhD thesis author of Les Livres d’artistes entre pratiques alternatives à l’exposition et pratiques d’exposition alternatives, directed by Leszek Brogowski, Université Rennes 2, 2012). Through its meetings, publication seeks to transmit and make understand what is meant by “artists’ books”, and calls each guest to share his vision of the discipline. WHO IS IT? publication is a project dreamed up by Mélissa Djinekou over the past few years. A graduate of the École des Beaux-Arts, she ended her studies by specializing in book and paper design. She then pursued her desire to contribute to the artist’s book sphere by working for a specialized bookstore, a publishing house and an exhibition space. These are key places where the great diversity of printed artistic productions mixes and where the actors of the field meet. BUT WHY? Little known in the art world, artists’ editions are even less known among the wider public. To make up for this lack, publication is thought in the review format: periodical, diffusible and accessible, a form of the book without pretension. publication claims and considers the book as a democratic support, within reach of all, allowing the diffusion of knowledge and in particular of the artistic creation. It is with a will of opening and bringing to the greatest number of people a whole part of the contemporary creation that the first issue of publication comes out!

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publication calls upon your generosity in order to preserve its independence and its editorial ambitions in both form and content. Thanks to you the review will be able to come out at the beginning of 2022 and be printed in its most beautiful form! quality and local production more than 250 pages a 20 × 27 cm format color printing the use of vegetable solvent-based inks a beautiful PEFC/FCS certified glossy paper for full-page color images an embossed title on the front cover Pre-ordering the first issue of the magazine not only allows us to finance its printing, but also to support the field and the actors of the artist’s book. If the goal of 6000 euros is reached, we will be able to print 300 copies of the magazine. If this goal is exceeded, it will be possible to print more copies, to reimburse the costs of correction and translation of the texts, to remunerate the graphic work of the review and for the creation of Clive, a font specially designed for publication in collaboration with the graphic designer Kyungeun Sylvia Lee. But also, to pay the contributors and why not ensure the release of the next issue! ✍️ SOME ADVERTISING ? You are involved in the independent publishing and/or artist’s book world + you wish to promote your projects or your structure + to support the field and its development + to help publication to finance its production? Advertising pages are available*, and there is no set rate! You are free to invest the amount you think is right, to participate according to your means and the space you wish to occupy. Feel free to ask for more details, or to send your advertising page to *Subject to the editor and the number of pages available. WHAT ARE THE REWARDS ? No“goodies” here! publication simply supplies you with copies of its review, in an ecological concern and in order to avoid all production and consumption of superfluous objects. In a more general way, publication aims to adopt reasoned production methods. It is careful about the origin and production of its raw materials (paper, ink, binding, etc.), about the sustainability of its print runs, and about maintaining a balance and viable relationships with all stakeholders in its creative chain. You can therefore receive one or more copies of publication, have your name written on the acknowledgment page, be invited to the launching party, and choose how far you wish to support the project. A WARM THANKS ! from publication and all the people involved in the project! To see and know more, join us on Instagram @publication-revue Don't hesitate to get in touch !

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