Quadrimaran, l'aero-boat

Join us in this nautical revolution by helping to finance the 4-hull boat, the « T8 »: semi-airborne + ecological + stable + rapid boat

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Quadrimaran, l'aero-boat


A technically advanced innovative concept

The main innovation of the Tera-4 quadrimaran resides in the fact that 3 tunnels form the 4 hulls. Entirely made out of aluminium, Tera-4 hulls have been through intensive hydrodynamic and aerodynamic tests in trial basins (France and Sweden) and wind tunnels (Saint-Cyr). Structural studies were also carried out on a broad spectrum of waves (inertial platform). In accordance with the IMO (International Maritime Organization), the hulls are approved by the largest qualified HSV (High Speed Vessel) classification companies and by the Bureaux Veritas, Lloyd Register, Det Norske Veritas...



+ Ecological + Stable, + Rapid,...

Unlike existing single-hull boats, the quadrimaran « surfs » on natural airbags and stands out from the crowd due to its many advantages.

It benefits from great stability as it is little affected by rolling and pitching: a significant benefit for those who suffer from sea sickness.

It is also little affected by water/air friction and constraints linked to the action of waves due to the phenomena known as « planning » induced by the engulfment of air into its three tunnels: its consumption is significantly reduced by 50%.

A wide range of operating speeds is possible and it is as comfortable at low speed as it is at high speed. It can reach 60 knots as it maximizes the power of its engines whilst at the same time steering can be totally controlled.

It has low water depth (50 cm) regardless of the size of the boat chosen and can be navigated in relatively shallow water without damaging the seabed. It can even perform as a « beacher », that is to say sliding along shores.




Multiple areas of operation

The range of Tera-4 hulls offer sizes, engines and made-to-measure fittings to meet the needs of boat owners and seafarers alike in terms of performance and the respect of the environment. From yachts (yachting) and tender (short distance transport) to the transporting of goods by boat (freight), not forgetting work boats and the high speed transportation of people; the concept of the quadrimaran can be applied to numerous uses due to its versatility and high level of functionality.




A tool that makes all the difference

The Tera-4 quadrimaran is both efficient and manoeuvrable and is an additional working tool for all operations which take place at sea. Robust with precision steering and an ability to turn flat in all circumstances, it offers new professional perspectives as a result. The low operating costs of the quadrimaran combined with its versatility makes it ideal for all types of assignments: from coastguard to pilot boat duties and from the transportation of off-shore personnel to firefighting duties.

Allocation of funds



The birth of the « T8 »

In order for this ambitious project to materialize, Tera-4 has launched the creation of a prototype, the « T8 ». This vessel is 8.5 metres in length with a maximum speed of 60 knots and will serve as a demonstration platform which will help bring the birth of these revolutionary energy efficient aeroboats a step closer. The quadrimaran not only responds to the current problems in terms of pollution due to its low energy needs, but is also an ideal support for new engines using renewable and green energy sources. Thus, for the Tera-4, ecology begins with the economy of energy.


The 50.000 euros will be used to pay for the construction of the Aluminium Hull to be built by an approved boatyard. Graph

A Tera-4 hull is:

The raw material:  

          1 800 Kg of aluminium 5083H11 or 45 metal sheets of 4mm

The working of the material:  

          980 digital cutting procedures and 238 high-pressure folds  

Assembly of the hull’s elements:   

          1.6 Km of welding or 260 working hours 


For the engine type and the marketing we provide some self-financing and the rest is supported by the banks.          


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