QUE NO ME FALTES, mi primer CD

My first CD is in the process of making in Cuba. Let’s finance this project and share with me my passion for music!

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QUE NO ME FALTES, mi primer CD


Hello everyone, I am Luis Alberto Guevara Garcia but my artistic name is Luis Franco. I am a 25 years old singer and songwriter. I was born in Havana, Cuba, a fascinating and very musical city. 

“Que no me faltes” is shaped by 10 of my own songs and it fuses “Cuban trova” with the most authentic Cuban sonorities, traditional and contemporary alike. All my songs have been born from my guitar, and thus it in the album the sounds of the guitar will be towering above everything else.







In 2013 I decided to begin my solo career and the first step was to record a DEMO with the renowned Cuban singer and songwriter Jesee Suarez. That DEMO earned me the trust of the Cuban Musical Records and Editions Enterprise, EGREM, that decided to produce my first CD “Que no me faltes”. The album’s producer is Israel Rojas Fiel, the leader of the popular Cuban band Buena Fe.








Working with Israel Rojas has been a great experience, like many others belonging to my generation in Cuba, I grew up listening to his songs. He has been able to understand my work very well since my songs are born from the depths of the happiness and sorrow of the current Cuban society, from the love and disillusionment, with spirituality as the common factor in all my lyrics.


I have had the luck to meet many people in my life with the desire to help me. But the most important has been without a doubt Ulises Jauregui Haza, my father-in-law. From the beginning of this road he has been by my side giving providing me ideas and solutions, and proofreading and editing my lyrics and music. His inputs have been momentous  in making my dream a reality.




Allocation of funds

The Cuban Musical Records and Editions Enterprise, EGREM, approved 3000 CUC (around 2700 Euros) for the production of my CD. This money was used to cover recording and musical production costs, in addition to booking 120 hours in EGREM’s great recording studios. Dairon Hernandez, Cuban musician and Buena Fe’s guitarist, has made the entire musical arrangements.




 We still need to do the the sound mixing and mastering, for which we are lacking the funds. This is the reason I need your support, be a part of this great experience and help me finish my CD.




Recording of the last three songs, mixing and mastering of the CD…………….2500 euros ( January 2017)

KKBB…………………………………..200 euros


Si gracias a ustedes logramos colectar más de la meta inicial del proyecto, entonces seguiremos juntos adelante:


And later


If we can surpass the initial goal together, then we will move forward:


Up to 5100 euros (190 %): First video clip ( February 2017)


Up to 6300 Euros (230 %): + CD promotion (March)


Up to 8700 Euros (320 %): + first concert in Havana (May 2017)


Up to 11100 Euros (410 %): + second Video clip ( May 2017 )



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Remerciement sur Facebook
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  • Estimated delivery January 2017


Remerciement sur Facebook + EP version numérique.
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  • Estimated delivery June 2017


Contreparties précédentes + une affiche digital
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  • Estimated delivery June 2017


Contreparties précédentes + EP version physique signé par moi et envoyé dans votre boite aux lettres (frais de port inclus)
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  • Availability: 246/250
  • Estimated delivery June 2017


Previous rewards + an invitation for 2 persons to the first concert in Havana. If you can´t go and you have a friend in Havana we can invite him.
  • 2 backers
  • Availability: 68/70
  • Estimated delivery September 2017


Previous rewards + a digital version of the first video clip
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  • Availability: 49/50
  • Estimated delivery September 2017


Previous rewards + your name on the notes of the CD
  • Availability: 30/30
  • Estimated delivery September 2017


Previous rewards + your name on the first video clip
  • Availability: 10/10
  • Estimated delivery September 2017

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