Quelles sont nos ruines?

An international art meeting of 25 artists from Russia, Moldova and France, and an exhibition, and three live events. Make this happen!

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Quelles sont nos ruines?

The third stage of the project What is «our ruins»? is planned to open up this April in the extremely bursting context, given the current relations between Russia and France, and a historical singularity of the Republic of Moldova.


What will our project look like? Well, we’re looking forward to show you in Rennes (France) all the results of the artistic researches the artists have been working on since a year and a half (including the workshops we organized in Moscow and Chisinau). To prepare that, we would like to invite artists from Russia, Moldova and France in the residency. Afterwards, we'll open our doors for public: 3 special events are planned on 15th, 16th, 17th of May (by participating in this project, you can get one or two people invitation!). And then, a muldisciplinary exhibition will last for 3 weeks starting from May 21 till June 8. A special journal collecting all the works of art produced will be published.  



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NB/ Our project must reach at least 5000 order to be granted the contributions of the KissBankers. In this unfortunate case, we  will get nothing and all the KissBankers will be entirely and immediately reimbursed of their money.


By helping this project, you will enable us to affirm the importance of cross-border exchanges between artists and to show how the joint artistic work can be the future of the contemporary art.


You will be a part of the project’s success.

"What is to remain (souvenir from Chisinau)"

By Sébastien Thomazo (assembling, drawing)

Sound: Daniel Paboeuf and Céline le Corre

Video: Mitch Fournial (La Sophiste)


You will enable the artists and locals to meet and to step out of their habitual context, to create by mixing different medias and practices, to get to know each other’s backgrounds, values and points of view. Why helping this?  Because this kind of exchanges, if well organized, takes time, human and financial resources.


Since more than two years, les Ateliers du Vent struggle to raise funds for this adventure

Despite the support of our partners (the City of Rennes, Rennes Métropole, General council

of Ille et Vilaine, Region Bretagne, French Institute) and our own financial contributions, we’re still in the lack of funds we need in order to work with the minimum budget necessary for this project.


To gather artists, it is fine, but to be able to give them a proper financial acknowledgement of their work, it is one thousand times better, isn't it?



EVENT PROGRAM, April, May, June, 2014, at Les Ateliers du Vent, Rennes, France.



/ Art-residency from April, 22nd to May, 14th


/ Exhibition from May, 21st to June 8th, 2014


The exhibition will gather the works of 25 artists from Russia, Moldova and France, participants of our project. All these works have or will be produced exclusively in the framework of our project and reflect the artists' personal vision of the question: what is «our ruins»?



This artistic research began in 2013 with two workshops in Moscow in Chisinau. The residency in Rennes is destined to give artists the opportunity to get further in their work through live idea exchanges and encourage the idea of collaboration between artists. As a result, the exhibition in Rennes in may 2014 will be a melting pot of critical points of view and personal experience of artists coming from both sides of European continent.


For our visitors, we'll open up two floors with the total surface of 400m2, so that everyone can freely wander through paintings, sculptures, sound and video installations, traces of performances and texts.


/ Special Events Believe in the ruins!


On Friday, 16 and Saturday, 17 May, 2014, opening at 19 pm (5€)


Preliminary exhibition opening, only for our members and kissbankers will take place on Thursday, 15 May


These events present a unique occasion to get together almost all the artists who take part in our project. Apart from being a starting point in the opening of the exhibition this event will present you the majority of live performances, in music, theatre, dance as well as in the art of performance.


So, "Believe in the ruins" is an invitation to discover the artist's work in live, and this opportunity will be possible thanks to your contributions! 


All the traces of performances realised in the framework of these events will be integrated in the exhibition afterwards.






So why the crowd funding?


      1. Because since its foundation, Les Ateliers du Vent go ahead with strong support from the locals, given that its subscribers and fans help the project to exist financially and morally. This crowd funding will help us to get beyond our current members and share our adventure with the whole world. 


     2. Because it’s a good way to share this project with a larger audience and give you the opportunity to be a part of it!


     3. Because What is our ruins? is a project of joint artistic work, so joint effort to finance it seems like a good idea


     4.  Because despite all the help coming from the French state, we still lack of funds to make our project properly. Moldova and Russia are not members of the European Union, which makes it extremely difficult to obtain the grants for the participants. And inviting the participants and providing them with all the necessary for their work is essential for this type of exchanges.


    5. Because the current events in Ukraine harm relations between Russia and the European Union. In this context, it is crucial to be able to let artists from France, Moldova and Russia meet and exhibit their work to public. For god's sake, Russia is not just Putin and his politic!




Photo Gilles Respriget


Something ruined is something that has lost its value,

 Something that vanishes; a building, an economy, a body, an idea...

Ruins are also what remain from the past.

A vestige, a trace, something that goes beyond the present.


We are interested in the ruins around us: those that we produce and those by which we are constituted either as individuals or as a society; the things that we normally don’t recognize as ruins. The ruins that we observe and analyze are both concrete and intangible. The artists take on the challenge to explore these ruins, to try to give them names, to present them.


If earlier, referring to «ruins» was mostly connected with the past, nowadays the concept of ruins contains the idea of a present time that remains and goes beyond time: take, for instance, the ruins of Detroit or Fukushima… They remain with us.


It is common to constantly talk about changes in economy, ecology, technologies that we face. Raising these topics doesn’t help our comprehending of the world; it doesn't make it easier to understand. Looking deeper into the ruins, we're trying to touch, to observe, to see what passes by and what remains. What chances did our world prepare for us apart from being have to live in the verge of catastrophe? What stones should we choose to build up our future?



What is «our ruins»? is the question asked to all the participant, artists or not: what are your ruins? What are the ruins for you? In other words, we invite you to step out the ordinary patterns and try to think as explorers!


What is «our ruins»?  gathers Musicians, visual artists, writers, performers, actors, stage directors, intellectuals and invite them to share their vision.


What are our ruins? What is our common?




Photo Gilles Respriget


Artists involved:



Ludmila Bouros (Republic of Moldova), visual artist

Valeria Barbas (Republic of Moldova), visual artist, performeuse

Dmitry Bulnygin (Russie) : video artist

Sophie Cardin (France), visual artist

Lilia Dragneva (Republic of Moldova) : visual artist, curator

Tatiana Fyodorova (Republic of Moldova), visual artist, performer

Ilya Gaponov (Russie) : visual artist

Alain Hélou (France) : artist and curator

Vadim Hincu (Republic of Moldova) : cameraman

Honet (France) : vainter, graffiti artist

Serguey Kalinin (Russie) : visual artist

Maxime Kuzmenko (Republic of Moldova) : visual artist

Céline Le Corre (France) : singer&songwriter

Hélène Le Corre (France) : musician

Diana Machulina, (Russie) : visual artist

Magda Mrowiec (France) : visual artist

Daniel Paboeuf (France) : musician

Poch (France) : painter, graffiti artist

Gilles Respriget (France) : visual artist

Sébastien Roux (France) : performer

Elizabeth Saint Jalmes (France) : visual artist, performer

Doriana Talmazan (Republic of Moldova), actress

Sébastien Thomazo (France) : painter

Vadim Tziganash (Republic of Moldova), visual artist

Mark Verlan (Republic of Moldova) : painter




/ Other events in the framework of the project



         May, 16 at 16-00.  Opening of the small exhibition based on the result of a cross-border project Rennes-Chisinau including the works made by pupils from Public school Marie Pape Carpentier, Rennes and pupils from Shutsev art school in Chisinau



         From May, 21 to May, 23, events organized in partnership with the Oodaaq Festival. This festival aims to collect contemporary art works carrying out a reflection on the notion of poetic and nomadic images.



    If I were a demolisher, a performance by Anaïs Touchot


              From May, 21 to May, 23 from 15-00 till 20-00, then on the 22nd of MAY, from 15-00 till 22-00


    Carte blanche given to the Simultan Festival


               On May, 22, the beginning at 19-00



         On May, 29, a special event with destined to present you some sound works around the theme of ruins



         On June, 5 to June, 6: Professional meeting of the network Autre(s)pARTS/ARTfactories in Ateliers du Vent, on the matter of transmission of the artistic experience in brownfields redeveloped in cultural institutions.





Photo Gilles Respriget

Allocation of funds

Why do we ask you to participate?


As you can see, this project is big, ambitious and naturally, it has its costs:


in terms of logistics: bring artists from Russia and Moldova to France and provide them with all the necessary for the time of residency and exhibition (travel, accommodation and catering costs)


in terms of materials’ costs: materials necessary for the layout of the exhibition / for creating the works of art /


in terms of publication: releasing an exhibition journal that will bring together all the works of art and artistic processes arising in connection


in terms of being able to remunerate correctly the work of artists, technicians and administrative staff





If we collect 5000€, we will be able to work with a minimum budget necessary for this type of event. This is the first step.


With you support, we could gather more then 5000 euros, and be able to give more to the artists and produce more results to show you during the exhibition.


 8500€ is a sum which will allow us to pay artists as they deserve it.



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