Who killed the clown ?

It is a story about the last murder. A murder that ends all murders.

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Who killed the clown ?

This is a two-part project.

The first part is the dramatization of the story of Blead The Clown:

Blead The Clown is in prison, caged with the ticking of the clock measuring life’s time. He starts being possessed by the cell and like the iron bars, he feels frozen in a revolving cage, so he decides to melt away his inertia to emancipate himself from himself, this decision for Blead becomes more and more determinate in his existential experience of a world where every little failure, every little bad or stupid thing that he did adds another iron bar to his mental prison depriving him from that one inch’s walk to freedom. Does he recover in final his mobility, his freedom of movement, leaving behind his prison or does he flee only take his prison along to a new place further away ?

The second part is a clown workshop :

Why a clown workshop ?

Clown-hood is the first phase of life in our childhood, also the first way to discover the world with innocence and a sense of security.

A world where we lived that turned around simple questions that are trifle for those who are older. What is this ? How do we use it ? What does it consist of ? Why does it exist ? Who made it ?

A world we discovered with open eyes and love, with all our insignificance, stupidity and intelligence, without building barriers and obstacles, whether they be related to family or to society.

A world where we expressed our intentions with all our available and possible means of expression in a spontaneous and relaxed manner.

We aim in our workshop the forgotten sleeping childhood clown.  We wake him up to help us surpass the fright of being our truthful individual self in the face of collective social pressure and standards.

Allocation of funds

This campaign is for the funding of a socio-theatrical action of the Unified Theatre, a new Tunisian theatrical company dedicated to self-awareness, identity, re-evaluation and self-determination for social change. The Unified Theatre was founded by Abderahmen Cherif in November 2020 with the objectives of original dramatic productions involving individuals through workshops related to the subjects of current productions. The current production is “Who Killed the Clown ?”.

The theatrical programs are co-directed by Abderahmen Cherif and Sadok Aïdani.

We are setting up a theatre space in the villages for dramatic events where communication is the basis of the cultural heritage, we invite spectators to take part in the dramatic events, thus replacing information with communication that establishes the social dialogue that is now lacking. A Communication which opens minds to new perspectives and opinions for alternative solutions.


Your contributions amounting to 3000 euros will give us a net 9.053 Tunisian dinars and enable us to cover the costs of the materiel necessities for this project.

All funds collected above the 3000 euros will go to the remuneration of the staff and artists that are now working without pay.

Costs in Tunisian Dinars totalling 9.205,380 :


3 black lights 300 dinars

300,000 د.ت.‏

2 led projectors pc  1000 dinars for 1

2 000,000 د.ت.‏


Yamaha MG12xu Sound System

1 137,100 د.ت.‏

Yamaha DXR15MkII amplified speaker

2 603,280 د.ت.‏


500,000 د.ت.‏

Costumes design and making

765,000 د.ت.‏

Makeup and special effects makeup

200,000 د.ت.‏

Scenography and prop maker

800,000 د.ت.‏


1 400,000 د.ت.‏

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