RAABALMA Senegal : Support the fair and ecological textile chain

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RAABALMA Senegal : Support the fair and ecological textile chain

About us: RAABALMA is an Economic Interest Group ( E.I.G) based in Senegal that brings together several actors (men and women) of the local textile industry, and works for the promotion and enhancement of a traditional, ecological and inclusive activity. a Since its creation in 2016, RAABALMA has been bringing together traditional weavers, dyers and tailors in a workshop near Dakar. The EIG’s missions are: • The valorization of organic cotton and local fair trade, • The support for women’s groups who manually spin organic cotton, in the cotton region of Senegal, • The development of plants dyeing, in a whole ecological protocol, • The participation in the preservation of local jobs in the textile sector, • The production of a DIAMA collection woven according to traditional know-how. a Are involved in the RAABALMA activities : The National Federation of Cotton Producers (FNPC) Women groups spinning cotton, working with RAABALMA (about fifty women, all living in the growing cotton region of Senegal) RAABALMA EIG team (weavers, dyers and tailors), FIBRETIC company based in Paris region, ensuring the marketing of DIAMA products. => DIAMA is a Home collection with natural materials, handwoven, and dyed with vegetal extracts. Priority is done to organic handspun cotton as we support an association of women handspinning cotton in the villages. site : www.diama-tissage.com a What are our needs? Raabalma is working with women’s groups in the cotton villages of central Senegal to improve their living conditions and ensure the sustainability of its activity through the following commitments: • A long-term relationship that ensures a steady income for the spinners. • Prefinanced purchase of the raw material: organic and fair-trade ginned cotton fibre. • Support for the structuring of an association of women spinners with a view to its integration into the GIE Raabalma. • The priority given to this hand-spun cotton in the DIAMA collection. Raabalma wants to be more involved in meeting the identified needs: • The purchase of equipment necessary for manual spinning (wheels, cardes, etc.), • The purchase of a motorcycle trailer for the transport of raw material and wire coils between the different villages where the spinners are dispersed, • Construction of a meeting place for women to also store fiber and yarn as well as little equipment. a Why do we call for your contribution? Our actions reflect deep convictions of solidarity, fair trade and ecological development. The wealth of know-how developed by RAABALMA’s activity deserves to be better known and disseminated. By appealing to your support, our will is to meet the needs of our actions, but also to foster a collective dynamic around our values. To thank you, depending on the amount of your contribution, we will be pleased to offer you a DIAMA product.

Allocation of funds

<p>The purpose of the collection is exclusively to support the women&rsquo;s groups to which RAABALMA is committed. The funds raised will cover several expenses essential to the activity:&nbsp;</p> <p>- purchase of cotton spinning equipment: spinning wheels and cardes =&gt; &euro;1,500</p> <p>- the purchase of a motorcycle trailer for the routing and collection of fibres and wire coils =&gt; &euro;2,000</p> <p>- accession to CMU&nbsp;for the 200 spinners members of the association which will ensure a medical coverage. =&gt;&nbsp; &euro;1,500&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Actually, most&nbsp; of them don&#39;t consult a doctor or go to hospital as they can&#39;t pay medical expenses</p> <p><strong>The entire RAABALMA team and its partners thank you in advance for your support and commit to keep you informed of future progress.</strong></p>


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A nice picture of weaving or spinning.


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Estimated delivery: December 2021

A nice handwoven pouch.


  • 10 contributions

Estimated delivery: February 2022

A Tote Bag


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Estimated delivery: February 2022

A handwoven cushion cover


  • 1 contribution
35cm x 50 cm with organic handspun cotton

Estimated delivery: February 2022

A nice toilette pouch


  • 2 contributions
A pouch in organic hanspun cotton , interior in vegetal dyed organic cotton.

Estimated delivery: February 2022

A cushion cover with nice vegetal colour


50 cmx 50 cm handspun and handwoven organic cotton

Estimated delivery: February 2022

A custom gift will be proposed in DIAMA collection


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Estimated delivery: February 2022

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