Radio Faubourg Simone, nouvelle version !

A website that is more substantial, personalized and interactive ! Help Us !

Project visual Radio Faubourg Simone, nouvelle version !
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Radio Faubourg Simone, nouvelle version !


When we launched the Faubourg Simone project we only had one idea in our heads: we wanted to create the radio that we really wanted to hear and that was cruelly missing ! 

With no on-air advertising and a content of electronic music as well as information on cultural happenings and goings on in the neighbourhood in an off-beat spirit.




After a year full of colours and in (good) surprises, Faubourg Simone, your local ramshackle radio, today being listened to in more than 70 countries with almost 9000 listeners with an average listening time of 3 hours, to which you can add the 35 000 visits to our website !

Without even counting the articles in Elle magazine, My Little Paris or the Metro newspaper !






We are truly happy ! 

It really makes a lot of us in a small Faubourg !




After the creation of the IPhone application, the making of its clip, Simone now needs you to be able to welcome more of you on the website, to continue to be exigent without ads, to continue with the sound all turned up in the headphones !

Help us to grow with a new website… and let’s party together !

Allocation of funds


A website that is more substantial, personalized and interactive!


With a new player the team wishes to continue to enrich their site to offer you the indispensables !

Integration of video: finally clips, finally pictures of events !

Podcasts of the programs: interviews, live broadcasts, our "micro-trottoirs” again. To put them onto our site needs for us to move into a dedicated environment. 

Extracts of new music with the possibility to download them onto iTunes platforms. 

Interaction with the listeners: are you also of the neighbourhood ? Upload your heads directly onto Simone, change them depending on your moods, desires, drop us a line with your ideas directly onto our platform!

Goodies: help us create and propose chic and trendy (offbeat) accessories !

For "subscribers”: bonuses, special gifts only for members of Faubourg !


Creation costs: 1 560€

Development costs: 1 620€

Creation of Goodies: 870€ (Bio Canvas Bag, Tee-Shirt, Badges etc…)


Simone La Nuit Event !


After the success of a big premiere in October 2012, Faubourg Simone comes back to the turntables and offer you the essential Parisian event: "Simone La Nuit !”

In a place in the centre of Paris, the whole team of Faubourg Simone, the DJ’s and the partners offer a night of electro and alternative underground sounds… a night of the sound of your radio ! A privileged moment to get together and celebrate the official launching of our new website.

Simone by night Event, official launching of the website 2013.


DJ Budget & Rental of the space and material: 1650€


TOTAL: 5 700 €


And what if the fundraising explodes? New mobile applications!

Even more? We get together again for a new event!

Well, we are just full of ideas…




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