Recording the album The Lighthouse Tree

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Recording the album The Lighthouse Tree

Dear All, 


I need your help to record and press my album The Lighthouse Tree composed of 10 songs. It is principally expressed with guitare and voice and gathers my main sources of inspiration: our link to Nature, legends, and folk music, in its tradition of portraying man and society. Before telling you more about it, here is the link to listen to some of the songs. Please bear in mind they were simply recorded with an iPad.



I have been exploring American folk music and « ranchera » music from Latin America for about ten years. I naturally dive into the universe of artists who built my first repertoire such as Joan Baez, Johnny Cash, Leonard Cohen, Chavela Vargas, Beth Gibbons and Lhasa de Sela. I wanted to interpret songs that would offer a moment of strong emotions and hope. 

In 2011 a « beneficial accident » gave me time to dive deeper in my need for music and singing. It became obvious that from now, I would refuse to sacrifice my artistic expression for my teaching work that was not fulfilling. So, I gradually reduced my teaching hours when I started to compose The Lighthouse Tree in 2013, until I was fully dedicated to music in July 2015 when the album came close to its final shape.




Soul of the album

Symbols and musical choices


The image of a Lighthouse Tree symbolises an imaginary world between sky, sea and Earth, both a shelter and landmark. It gathers the messages of my songs: it is an invitation to contemplation, introspection and elevation.

Concerning the voice, I tried to keep it flexible, aerial and nude in order to emphasize emotions. The guitare leaves space to the voice, its nuances, its breathing. For the moment, what you will listen is only me and my guitare.

However, during the recording a cello will be present to deepened some of the songs to anchor the high vocal lines, a flute will also be come and symbolize the voice of the elements of nature.


Themes of the songs

Here are the short description of the themes of my songs.

Many are inspired from dreams, tales or myths.

For example, La Licorne d’Or (The golden unicorn) referred to The Lady and The Unicorn, this song is a metaphor of a quest for Desir.

The Sycomore Trees is a prophetic vision of Men by the sycomore Trees. According to a Native American legends, these trees would whisper important messages to anyone who would sleep underneath their branches. 

Peau d’Ames means « Soul-Skin » and is inspired from Perrault’s tale « Donkey Skin ». The French title is « Peau d’Anes ». It is a poem painting the initiative path of a young soul in her Quest to define her limits and identity.

Conditionnal Love wonders about the dimensions of Love. 

Tournesol Noir (Black Sunflower) depicts the inner heartache that echoes in the body at the end of a fusion love. It is also a tribute to Silvia Plath whose poem « Candles » is the introduction of the song.

The Eyes of the Owl thanks our guardian angels and relate our link to the animal and vegetal species.

Through soft melodies,  the messages of the songs offer to consider the transformative potential of the events we live.

Lullaby for Leo and  Alice et la Gorgone shows the strength of humans to overcome events , they evoke delicate issues that many women experience, often, silently, the loss of a child and sexual assault.

Voices is an invitation to listen to our inner voice, learn from History and also gives a view on our modern society.

Here is the video (made by Corentin Berger and Simon Gasc, shot in the studio « Sous les Etoiles » where I will record my album.


Under The Sea, is a departure letter of someone who claim the need for a new civilisation, in the background, the global warming issue is evocated.

Here is a homemade video shot with an iPad :



The Lighthouse Tree was played live this autumn and winter in the « Catwalk- concerts » for the fashion designer Lisa Coinus, our visual universe share common oneiric references.





I need your help to finance the studio recording in

Thanks to the pre-ordering of The Lighthouse Tree, I will be able to press the album and print two types of documents :

- A simple booklet containing my lyrics and their translation

- An illustrated booklet that will present a visual universe of my music through some of my artworks such as this watercolor for the song Peau d'Ames.  I will be very happy to also share in this booklet, the illustrations made by artist friends whose artwork echoes my music.




I will publish article on this KissKissbankbank page to share more about these artists who I worked with and the ones who will participate to the illustrations of the songs.

I want to give a special thanks to my friend Emanuela Meloni for her mysterious forest that will illustrate my album cover, Grazia dear Manu !


If my financial goal is surpassed, I will be able to finance the shooting of a second video clip for my song Peau d'Ames to share with you the visual world of this album and I will invest the money to purchase a sound system to be autonomous on stage. 


If you want to know about my concerts, you can subscribe to my Facebook page, youtube page or soundcloud page

or send an email to:

A website is in progress so I will be able to share more soon.


Many thanks for both your attention and your support that will contribute in enabling The Lighthouse Tree and its messages to be shared!




A bientôt , take care



Allocation of funds

Recording and mastering de l'album 1250 euros


Pressing of 350 CD et printing of the booklets : 750 euros


Fees of the SDRM  (French tax) 250 euros


Commission Kisskissbankbank 200 euros



Photography: Emanuela Meloni (C)

Design by Olivier Lavigne 




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