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Regain Magazine

The project in brief 

It has almost been two years now, that the Regain team travels across France to narrate and capture the countryside of today and tomorrow. Regain is a magazine that is published every season to celebrate the agricultural progress, the new and next generation of farmers, the farm craftmanship, the animal life, the love for local and good food systems…​

Today, Regain is asking your financial support to ensure a long-lasting future. Thanks to you, a special issue will be released this summer and the Regain journey will continue for the coming years!


Creators and origins of the project

Daphné Hézard : Besides being the founder and managing editor/ editor-in-chief of Regain, Daphné is a journalist and has been working for several years in the women's press/ feminine press before joining the magazine Monocle, for which she remains the French correspondent. She has also worked hand in hand with alterglobalist activists to travel around the world in order to identify eco-friendly solutions/ initiatives to produce TV documentary. With Regain, she had the desire to create an agricultural magazine to recreate social link within the countryside, to highlight farmers' initiatives, to fight against the rural depopulation, to reduce the gap with the farming world and to show the beauty of a natural world that has perhaps been overlooked.

Julien Labrousse : Julien Labrousse is a French entrepreneur, owner and manager of two iconic Parisian theatres, the Elysée Montmartre and the Trianon. Specialized in the re-qualification of cultural sites, he has been developing since 2015, with his brother Grégory, experimental eco-hotels with a major agricultural focus. Together they have the ambition to turn these places into holiday resorts for this new generation of free, creative and increasingly responsible consumers in search of de-consumption and meaning.

Arthur Tutin : Entrepreneur, publisher and producer, Arthur is at the head of several companies and organizations that are redefining the wine sector and ensuring its digital transformation. He believes that from the vineyard to the glass as well as from editing to the newsstands, three key elements must be combined: the sky, the earth and the people.


Regain’s special issue :

  • A " Journal " format, larger than the previous one (280x360mm)
  • More than 60 pages
  • Exceptional contributors for a collector edition
  • Post-lockdown field reports

Below are a few pictures from the limited picture-prints edition offered in our second-to-last counterpart. We'll let you choose yours:
The project in more details

For the past 2 years, we have been driven by people we met, initiatives and traditions. Regain is light hearted and engaged, it is an independent publication but above all a human adventure of a joyful and enthusiastic team. It is also a magazine where many different generations meet. Some lessons are learned from the experiences of the elders when the young bring fresh ideas, energy and hope. You don't have to be a farmer to read Regain, being motivated by the desire of changing things is enough !

Now, in order to pursue this journey and to be able to release the next magazine, we are seeking your contribution. We have always favoured a printed version, published at spaced intervals, with timeless articles, for a magazine that can be kept and read from the first to the last issue with the very same pleasure.

Aware that the crisis we are facing is partly due to the shortage of biodiversity, it is more than ever essential to put the spotlight on small-scale producers, short circuits, craftsmen, lost professions, city dwellers seeking self-sufficiency… In short, those who think about “tomorrow world" and have been putting it into practice for a long time.

At a time when we are regaining awareness of the fact that the earth is essential and that agriculture is returning to the very heart of our activity, Regain needs more than ever to exist. Regaining slowness, meaning, cohesion and autonomy through positive initiatives has always been one of the driving forces behind our magazine.

To ensure that Regain continues to be the voice of tomorrow's key players, support us!



Allocation of funds

What will we use the collected funds for? 

First Stage – 25K: Production and printing of "Regain’s special issue".

40% for printing

25% for content production

25% retained for distribution in France

10% operating costs and % for KissKiss

Second Stage – 30K: A broader distribution and an extra fully digital content + 2% given to the Solidarité Paysans organization.

By going beyond the first stage, we will be able to distribute this special issue on a larger scale, i.e. to increase our printing quantity, to distribute in remote rural areas but also to have visibility in French-speaking and neighbouring countries (Belgium, Luxembourg, England). We will also be able to offer this issue through an interactive digital version so you'll be able to carry it with you wherever you go !  2% of the donations will be transferred to the Solidarité Paysans organization.

Third Stage +/- 40K : Offers and surprises in the coming issue

This third stage will allow us to promote the magazine all over France because we know that our audience is not only in urban areas. Thus, we need to reach as many of you as possible so to give Regain and all those we promote, a better future! For the Fall issue, we are preparing a surprise for our donors (funders?) and subscribers... 2% of the donations will be transferred to the Solidarité Paysans organization.

Choose your reward

Reward featured


Go green for one year ! Receive Regain's special issue at home befire its release in newsstands and bookstores + the 3 upcoming issues and their 3 handy booklets ! Your name will appear in the next issue of Regain.
  • 421 backers
  • Estimated delivery July 2020


Go green together ! One year's subscription for you and one of your friends! Your name will appear in the next issue of Regain.
  • 48 backers
  • Estimated delivery July 2020

Regain et son marché


Regain and its selection of local products Receive all of the above + "The Regain basket" provided with a selection of the best products from local producers highlighted and supported by Regain during its last two years of reporting in France and Europe (honey, natural wine, seed sachets, hazelnut flour, soap etc)... Your name will appear in the next issue of Regain.
  • 84 backers
  • Availability: 16/100

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The special issue in pre-order Receive Regain's special issue at home before its release in newsstands and bookstores. Your name will appear in the next issue of Regain.
  • 101 backers
  • Availability: 101/101
  • Estimated delivery July 2020


Oh happiness ! Receive Regain's 8 previous issue including the special one + the 7 handy booklets + the Regain tote bag and different postcards to give each other some news this summer... Your name will appear in the next issue of Regain.
  • 9 backers
  • Availability: 9/9
  • Estimated delivery July 2020


Painted garden Receive all of the above + 4 limited edition illustration prints from our handy booklets and a photo-print of your choice hand-signed by a Regain photographer ! Your name will appear in the next issue of Regain.
  • 15 backers
  • Availability: 15/15
  • Estimated delivery August 2020


A jaunt to the countryside Receive all of the above + 1 limited photo-print hand-signed by a Regain photographer (the choice is all yours!) + a discovery day with one of Regain's partner producers (list to be announced) + a special invitation to our fall "Regain Evening" to meet the founders and the entire editorial team. A surprise gift also awaits you... Your name will appear in the next issue of Regain.
  • 6 backers
  • Availability: 6/6
  • Estimated delivery August 2020