Remembering Eros.. Lacework in glass

I need your support to throw my new series of glass pieces So that the glass lace sublimates thanatos...

Project visual Remembering Eros.. Lacework in glass
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Remembering Eros.. Lacework in glass

After training at the reknowned glass school Cerfav in France, I travelled from Venice to Toyko to hone my skills in  glassblowing. Having worked for many other glass masters it is now my turn to make my own expression in glass. To date my personal work, has investigated the archeology of our memory, and its constant reinvention. The process entails, first sculpting the hot glass, while keeping its transparency. After I etch and polish the surface to create an atmosphere of antiquity and allure, as if to call on an imaginary nautical world to entice one to challenge the limits of the deep. 


Today I want to begin to explore a new series of work, Blown glass lacework, Thanatos adorned, imaginary skull . At first I will make these pieces in black glass, which will accentuate the form and fragility, while refining the shapes, and ideas. I am passionate about making this work and determined to give it my all. 


It is for this reason I am asking for your financial support. I am conscious that these pieces do not yet exist. It is difficult to grasp what they may end up looking like, but making this work is the next step for me in finding a new path as a professional artist and it is in achieving this I am asking for your help. By making this new work I will qualify to exhibit at the 20th Glass festival of Paulo del Vidre and at the 5th biennale of glassmakers at the Glass Museum of Carmaux this Summer in France. These two exhibitions are excellent showcases for me and could provide further exhibition opportunities.  


"Hubris", Made in 2009, Imaginary backbone d' 1,80m x 70cm, Sculpted hot glass, sand carved.

Crédit photographique: Francois GolfierHubris_2_copieHubris_copie

Allocation of funds

The fund will provide:

Hire of hot glass studio for 5 days: 1500e

Salary for an assistant and travel: 700e

Finishing in the cold glass process: 500e

Metal armature: 1000e


Here is a glimpse of the gifts offered in exchange for your support

Skeleton glasses, Manta Ray, and Japanese bowl seriesVerre_souffl_._moyenne_18x7cm_copieRaie2



Serie "japanese bowl", photografic credit: Manolo Garcia Gorgonra


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