The rise of the Mekong from the delta to Tibet, 4350 km of adventures to follow!

Live with us for 6 months on the rise of the Mekong, 6 countries crossed, 4,350 kms Publication of a photo art book and a culinary book.

Project visual The rise of the Mekong from the delta to Tibet, 4350 km of adventures to follow!
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The rise of the Mekong from the delta to Tibet, 4350 km of adventures to follow!


This project was born from an encounter, that of a chef and a photographer, passionate about travel, people and life. From this meeting was born the common mad desire to make one of the most beautiful trips there is, the ascent of a mythical river, the Mekong, "Mother of all rivers", and to share this adventure through two works, a blog and social networks. It is above all a magnificent human adventure: the rise of the Mekong for 6 months, from its delta, in the south of Vietnam, to its source, in the Himalayan plateaus of Eastern Tibet in China. 4,350 kilometers, 6 countries crossed: Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, and finally, China and its Himalayan plateaus.

Live this adventure with us! We invite you to follow and live this adventure with us through a channel Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. Through the ascent of this river with 1,000 faces, we invite you to discover sublime landscapes and sites, an anthology of populations and ethnic minorities, myriads of temples and stupas, fascinating flora and fauna, among which the famous freshwater dolphins, "Orcaella brevirostris", a species unfortunately threatened with extinction.

THE MEKONG, a river with a thousand faces !!! ...

The Mekong is the third river in Asia. The Mekong, about 4,350 km long, has its source in the Chinese province of Qinghai in the Himalayas, then irrigating the Tibet Autonomous Region, then the Province of Yunnan. The river then forms the border between Burma and Laos for 200 km, then joins its tributary the Ruak at the level of the Golden Triangle, which also marks the separation of the upper and lower Mekong. It then crosses the Emerald Triangle to jump into the China Sea, passing through its famous delta in Viet Nam.



• "My Photographic Art Book" Vincent

During my travels in Asia, I laid the foundations for this book. A photographic journey where technique knows how to be forgotten to show what is deep down. The pleasure of discovery, and above all the desire to transmit this joy and this deep emotion felt with each shot. Through my photos, you will not only discover incredible landscapes, places or portraits, you will, like me, have the privileged feeling of living unique moments and meeting THE world. You will be struck by the beauty and the marvelous sites, scenes and faces. In short, a sharing book!

• "My Culinary Route Diary" Dalila

Passionate about travel and world cuisine, I offer you a culinary roadmap to help you discover the immense gastronomic variety of the regions we are going to cross. More than a cookbook, this work will be a real road book in which I will share with you recipes of course, but also my meetings, my favorites, and above all, what is at the heart of the kitchen: the roots , the identity, the soul of those who cook. This book will be illustrated with photos allowing you to discover the ingredients used, how to prepare them, but also, with their agreement, the privacy of the families encountered.

An exhibition of around thirty photos for the launch of these 2 works in a Parisian gallery with autograph session

Youtube channel, a dedicated Blog, a Facebook page and an Instagram account so that you can follow us throughout this adventure. You will be able to experience with us the ascent of this mythical river and thus discover its landscapes, its populations, its remarkable sites and the story of our adventure.

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5% donated to the Association Les Enfants du Mékong sponsorship for the education of young children in the countries crossed.

1 € is a school day !!!

A percentage on the sale of the 2 books will also be donated to the association​.

SINCE 1958, CHILDREN OF THE MÉKONG HAVE HELPED CHILDHOOD IN SOUTHEAST ASIA Enfants du Mékong is a sponsoring association. In 2020, more than 22,000 sponsored children and 60,000 supported children can access education, develop and integrate professionally. The association supports the construction of a hundred development projects per year (schools, wells, etc.) and manages 10 centers and 78 homes.


If this crowdfunding project is successful, administrative procedures will have to be taken to obtain specific visas and authorizations, particularly in China. We can therefore reasonably think of taking off for the Vietnamen October / November 2020. We then gave ourselves 6 months to go up the river to its source on the Himalayan plateaus. A return to France is planned for May 2021. Then will come the time of writing, layout, printing and preparation of the exhibition. We are planning to launch our 2 books in September / October 2021.


If this call for donations is successful, it will be necessary to start the administrative procedures for visas and specific authorizations for China in particular. We can therefore reasonably think of a departure for the Mekong Delta in October / November. We gave ourselves 6 months to go back to its source on the Himalayan plateaus. A return to France would be perfect in May. Layout, texts, printing and preparation of the exhibition should allow the availability of these 2 books in September / October 2021.

Our portraits:

Dalila GUIRAD - Cheffe Cuisinière

Passionate about cooking, at 34 I trained in the Ferrandi kitchens where I learned the basics. Then I polish my technique in gastro and semi-gastronomic restaurants such as the Chiberta (Guy Savoy) or the Café de la Paix in Opera.

I like to cook instinctively, according to the inspiration of the moment, with what I have on hand. My many trips, especially to India, have been a tremendous source of enrichment and openness for me and have allowed me to develop my culinary creativity.

But above all, I deeply desire to continue to discover and learn again and again the subtle mixes and flavors that the multiple cultures of the world offer us. Driven by the desire to be useful and to contribute to the well-being of people and the world, I am also training in Hatha Yoga in 2018 in North India on the banks of the Ganges, as well as in natural and alternative medicines .

Vincent LEPERRE - Photographer

Press photographer for more than 18 years, specializing more particularly in subjects relating to Southeast Asia, I joined from 1998 to 2001 the Stade Image Agency which covers major sporting events in Europe (Stade de France, F1, Andros Trophy, 6 Nations Tournament etc ……) I settle down in Roquebrune-sur-Argens in the Var in 2001 at the Rayclame Communication Agency. Release of a 1st structure in 2005, then of 2 others in 2009 and 2011. Change of course in 2012 to become independent again. A first report in Polynesia for several months, then in 2013 I leave to settle in the Antilles as communication manager in a group of the Caribbean ... ..



Allocation of funds

Funds collected!

• 37% Travel costs: visas, plane tickets, local transport, accommodation, food, etc.

• 45% Self-publishing: Artistic freedom on all aspects of the creation of the book, whether in the choice of photos, texts, layout, type of cover, paper and choice of printer.

• 10% donated to the Association Les Enfants du Mékong sponsorship for the education of young children in the countries crossed.

• 8% KissKissBankBank, Site commission if the project is successful.

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