Photo documentary on the status of women in Japan

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Project visual Photo documentary on the status of women in Japan
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Photo documentary on the status of women in Japan

<p>After a 3 months photo report in Japan, I&#39;m back in France to exhibit my&nbsp;report &quot;Subaltern&quot;. It highlights <strong>the female condition on the archipelago</strong> through 3 themes: the conflict of generations, the respect of elders and society stronger than the individual.&nbsp;</p> <p>I am a Master 2 student at KEDGE Bordeaux, the exhibition is part of a program of the institution dedicated <strong>to the promotion of student initiatives towards associations</strong>. The objective of this program is to promote associative projects with a real social impact.</p> <p>Despite some reforms and efforts,<strong> the status of Japanese women has not changed much</strong>, both at work and at home. This set of photographs is not an &quot;I accuse&quot; of any country or civilization, it is not a question of pointing the finger at culture, <strong>but rather of reflecting on a problem that exists in many societies around the world</strong>. This report, which deals with a sensitive subject, is not a reflection of Japanese society with its pop-culture, its gastronomy, its history and so many others that have nourished the fantasies of many French people for decades.</p> <p>However, <strong>I focused on a specific subject and tried to paint the situation of women in Japanese society through my foreign eye</strong> and through the point of view of many women telling their stories.</p> <p>In this report, we find Japanese women torn between the two poles of a <strong>post-modern society</strong>, anonymous women, <strong>absorbed by a society stronger than the individual</strong>. Through an interview, we also find the point of view of a western woman who moved to Japan 8 years ago to open her own business and many others. In order to improve the status of women in Japan or in the rest of the world,<strong> the aggregation of an infinity of small initiatives is necessary so that mentalities are in rupture with those of the old generations.</strong></p> <p><strong>I am convinced that this exhibition combined with a fund-raising event will be one of those initiatives which, when added together, will make a difference in the long term.</strong></p>

Allocation of funds

<p>The cost of the project is 1587.58&euro;. Profits and funds raised over and above the costs will be donated to the Simones du Boudoir association - a non-profit association - based on the Basque Coast.</p> <p>It is a self-help group whose aim is to bring together women who defend values of female solidarity through conferences and other events that promote the place of women in society.</p> <p>The costs of the project in detail:<br /> - Film development at Bayonne Camara:<br /> 195,55 euros</p> <p>- IKEA wooden frames:<br /> 227.99 euros</p> <p>- Patxi Laskara&iuml; prints permager:<br /> 447 euros</p> <p>- Framing &amp; matting made to measure by Arteis:<br /> 203,04 euros</p> <p>- Freshly varnished Etxe Nami:<br /> 100 euros</p> <p>- Brochures leaflets &amp; A3 posters Marcos Impression Anglet:<br /> 356 euros</p> <p>TOTAL costs: 1529.58 euros.</p>


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These photos are pieces of the "subordinate" exhibition. Each of the funds collected thanks to these counterparts will allow the project to reimburse its costs and to transfer the profits to the partner association Les Simones du Boudoir.

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Le train d'Ekawasaki


Cette photo fait partie de l'exposition "subalterne". Elle sera imprimé en format 21x30 en papier "permager" chez l'imprimeur de renom Patxi Laskarai de Saint Jean de Luz. Chacun des fonds récoltés grâce à ces contreparties, permettront au projet de rembourser ses coûts et de reverser les bénéfices à l'association partenaire Les Simones du Boudoir.

Estimated delivery: February 2020

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