Help us shoot a short musical about Laika and one guilt-ridden monument!


The project





REQUIEM FOR LAIKA is a short film about a Soviet-era monument who is being haunted by the ghost of the space dog Laika


duration: 15’

genre: musical

expected: 2016 

shooting locations: Norway, Lithuania, Estonia






+++ REQUIEM FOR LAIKA has been selected for Europe Refresh.

Why fund it?



     We are so grateful for everyone's help so far! The reactions to REQUIEM FOR LAIKA have been amazing and with every day we are getting closer to making our dream film.


    Any kind of support, whatever the amount or currency, and here we don't just mean money, but ANY kind of support - material or not, is much appreciated and welcome!


     Either way, be sure you'll be repaid in good karma from outer space!



Gorana Jovanović

From an early age, I always wanted to do three things: join a choir, be a sculptress and make films. I never joined a choir, as going to an audition always seemed too scary. Instead, I became a regular in karaoke bars. I never became a sculptress, but I turned that wish into a hobby and the things I make I give away as presents to my friends. Although, I... See more

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Best wishes, I look forward to getting a glimpse of the finished production - Peter
I really hope i will see this movie ❤️
Good luck!