Le Cheyenne, a family-run western restaurant

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Le Cheyenne, a family-run western restaurant

<p>Our restaurant is based on family work (dad in the kitchen, mom in service and cooking, daughter and son at service), the mix of cultures through the different dishes offered (kebabs, pizza, hamburger, etc.) all in a western atmosphere.<br /> In an ecological and economical approach, all of our furniture (chair, bench, bar and decoration) was made using pallets and other salvage materials.<br /> As for the products that will be used, they will all come from local and home-made producers. The meatballs for the kebabs will be made from turkey whites cut and marinated by us. The steaks for the burgers will be made from meat which will also be chopped and seasoned by us. The breads will come from a baker on the same street, the vegetables will come from local market gardeners.&nbsp;All the products on offer will of course be fresh.<br /> The service will be either in the dining room or to take away.<br /> In addition, theme nights will be organized, the first will of course be the inauguration, will follow country evenings, rugby, football, tapas, etc.&nbsp;<br /> Our project doesn&#39;t stop at a simple restaurant, to satisfy your taste buds but also your eyes, the dishes will be made in front of you, in the restaurant room!&nbsp;</p>

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