Resto Nomade! La Cuisine Coréenne! Une nourriture très soigneusement faite! Ici!

Support the Food Bike "Nomade Restaurant" of an enthusiastic Korean! Korean cuisine will arrives in Gignac in September 2018 !!

Project visual Resto Nomade! La Cuisine Coréenne! Une nourriture très soigneusement faite! Ici!
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Resto Nomade! La Cuisine Coréenne! Une nourriture très soigneusement faite! Ici!


1. RESTO NOMADE ... Presentations

 Hello everyone !



I am Jeasic! I come from South Korea and I love cooking. The Korean diet is very healthy and very varied. I lives in France since 2017, I would like to propose quality of Korean cuisine here in France. I am professional, hardworking and creative.



 It's my dream to run a Korean restaurant in rural area. Before I get to that, I want to test as a mobile restaurant concept of Korean cuisine. I will cook and sell from a food bike. I wish to be operational for September-October 2018, in order to be ready for early 2019. The village of Gignac, near Montpellier, will be my first test of food bike destination.



2. The Mobile tricycle?


  "Resto Nomade" will feature a casual Korean restaurant that brings people together. The unique concept of this restaurant is that there is only one outdoor table, specializing in the flavors of traditional Korean cuisine.


  There will also be a small culinary workshop to make salads with guests or who joining Korean cooking classes. I believe that by actively participating in making this simple salad, customers will be able to use their time in a friendly way to talk to people around them, chat with the chef, and try a new recipe.


The restaurant will offer fresh, high quality ingredients in a variety of tempting dishes. I help you understand Korean culture with carefully selected Korean food.


In this way, our customers will be able to make the most of the dishes and fully enjoy the experience.


  The table of the "Resto nomade" could be installed on a public place, in your garden, on the market of the village, or on festivals and events.



3. Why Tricycle?



 A tricycle is cheaper and more environmentally friendly than a truck. I want to be my life style as ecological as possible. Cycling in everyday is also a good way to exercise every day!


  In addition, it is very flexible and facilitates access to markets and other major festivals or events from inside or outside; where food trucks cannot access because they cannot enter small areas.


  Finally, in the eyes of customers, it will be representative of the way of life that I want to embody, under the sign of respect for nature, slowness, sharing...



4. The Services!


I would suggest two types of service.


On a daily basis, I would suggest to my customers Korean cuisine for lunch and dinner, served only for one table. I would prefer organic and local ingredients.


In general, the menu will consist of rice (bap 밥), soup (guk 국) and several small side dishes (BanChan 반찬), with a drink and a Korean dessert.




For events, we can serve kimssam or mandous.


The kimssam consists of a garnish (rice and seasonal vegetables, etc.) wrapped in a small piece of seaweed.

Here, for example:



The mandous are Korean ravioli, stuffed with vegetables or homemade tofu.

Here, for example:




5. Where will it be?


  To begin, I decided to base this mobile restaurant in the village of Gignac, lively, in a tourist environment and where generations are diverse. I will be able to move within a radius of 5 km around Gignac. As part of a festival or event, I will be more mobile.


GIGNAC, 34150



6. Why help finance to my project?


I have already found a tricycle, here is:



It was an old tricycle to take passengers in a seat. I have been renovated, repainted and decorated.


is it beautiful right ? ^^ 

Allocation of funds

Today, I need your help to finance some other aspects of the project.

Your contributions will be used to finance:


- Stainless steel kitchen table, stainless steel sink, wood (plywood panel ...), etc ...        320 €

- Gas hob       80 €

- Portable Refrigerator, 12 / 220V or gas     200 €

- Some good quality utensils (pan, saucepan, stone grinding stones, knife, vegetable stew, etc ...)        200 €

- Communication campaign       100 €

- Contribution KissKissBankBank    70 €


- If your generosity exceeds my initial goal of 970 €, I would like to use your valuable contribution to invest in a solar panel to produce my own electricity.

I will collect the entire collection.

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