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Restoring a unique stained glass window

The stained glass window was created in the year 1950 together with the building and is in dire need of restoration. This stained glass window main character is Saint Eloy who is the patron saint for the goldsmiths and other metal workers. The stained glass was created by M.r Camiel Annys. He was born in the city of Temse in Belgium on the 21st of January 1885 and died in the city of Brugge on the 19thDecember 1955. He was the oldest of 13 children of glazier and portrait painter Oscar Annys (1861-1901) and his mother Pauline De Doncker. It is believed that the family moved to Brugge in the year 1887 where the father of Camiel started working in his own glazier workshop. It is in this workshop that Camiel learned the trait from his father. In 1909 Camiel started his own workshop and producing his own stained glasses. This specific stained glass is one of the few windows that he created for a private contract. Mostly Camiel worked for the catholic church and other official buildings. In the villa called ‘Duimpjesvilla’ (also in the village of Maldegem, even in the same street) there is also a stained glass that was manufactured by his hand. In the background of the window there are partial drawings visible of the Town Hall, the local church and also a drawing of the Duimpjesvilla. The window is composed of 20 panels. See image below: The building was designed in 1949 by architect Jan Deweerdt (born 1921 deceased 2000), the planning was done by his brother Pierre Deweerdt and the execution of the construction by the youngest brother Jacques Deweerdt (born 1922, deceased 2012 and was also acalculator and accountant). The construction was commissioned by my grandfather Antoon De Lille (born in 1895 and deceased in 1991) and his wife Maria Froedure (born 1902 and deceased in 1981). Jan Deweerdt has designed a other building of which several have also been added to the list of protected heritage. Fun fact: Jacques Deweerdt would later be married to one of the daughters of Antoon, namely Godelieve De Lille. Later even Jacques would work as an accountant and business advisor for the youngest son of Antoon, my father Boudewijn. The building was home to the company of my grandfather Antoon De Lille where the Linotype machines were produced. These machines were lead typesetting machines or composing machines that could create lines of text made out of lead. With these machines newspaper printers could quickly create texts for printing on the old printing presses. The building has been added to the heritage list for future study to actually protect the building from destruction and preservation. See the link below: Agentschap Onroerend Erfgoed 2021: Bedrijfsgebouw [online] (Geraadpleegd op 05-03-2021) But at this point there is no actual protection because the building is considered to young. That is why the funds are needed to be able to restore the front of the building. The window will not last a lot more years as the damage increases over time. Below you will find a description of the milestones that we have set out to achieve. Below this you will find a list of conditions for the varying rewards to we offer. Further down. You will find an explanation of how the restoration is planned and how it will be carried out. In the end you can find an explanation on how the funds will be allocated. There are many kinds of rewards for the different budgets out there. There is something for the gourmand. Something for chocolate lovers. There are items for the collectors.There are rewards that are taks deductable. The top reward is also the most remarkable. It is a gamble but it is a unique one and so exclusive and a once in a life opportunity that i MUST add it to the project. You can help us fund the restauration of our building and in return you can dine on our costs in … the original Orient Dining Express. Our neighbors accross the street have restaured a genuine train cart of the Orient Express. And now you can have a dinner inside. I have seen the wagon from the inside, and it is really like you step into the past or in the movie. Beautifully detailed and everything. The rewards are not part of the milestones, but through the rewards we hope to achieve the milestones. If enough people partake in the various rewards the rewards can be unlocked as well. When the first milestone is reached, KISSKISSBANKBANK has accepted to pay out the donations and then the rewards that have enough subscribers will be activated. When not enough subscribers are found for a certain reward, the donations for that particular rewards will be refunded. The first step is the hardest: Milestone 1 is reaching € 5.000,00. When we reach this milestone KISSKISSBANKBANK will start paying out the donations. If this milestone is not reached all donations will be refunded. This includes donations through rewards. The amount of € 5000,00 is by far not enough to fund the restauration but it will help a bit. Milestone 2: when we reach € 10.000,00 we will place a donations panel on the inside of the building that will be visible to visitors. On this panel the names will be visible (anonymous donations are possible if desired) of the people that donated an entire panel of the stained glass window. Milestone 3: € 15.000,00 when this amount is gathered we will add lighting behind the stained glass so that the full colouring will be visible during the evening and night from the outside. This way pedestrians can see the window in all it’s glory and even take beautiful pictures of the stained glass from the streetside. Milestone 4: € 25.000,00 getting to this amount we will move the panel for the donations to the outside of the building where it will be visible for everyone. On this panel we will also add the names of the donors that donated € 500,00 or more. You can choose to stay anonymous if you so desire. Milestone 5: € 75.000,00 if we should ever be able to gather this amount we will try to hold an unveiling event. But this will still need to be discussed with the local government of our village because for this the street will have to be closed for the event. The event will be open to all donations over € 250,00 and you will get an invitation by email registered by name. Most information about the rewards you will be able to find with the rewards themselves but below you find a small summary. 1) A thank you card in the mail for donations of € 10,00 with an image of the stained glass window. 2) USB-Stick 16 GB, for a donation of € 25,00 with a photograph of the stained glass window. This item will also be delivered by postal services. 3) For € 50,00 you will get a set of stamps, with a unique design. This reward will also be delivered at home by postal services. 4) Exquisite pralines for a donation of € 100,00: delivered at your doorstep by DHL or another speedy delivery service. 5) Our unique and original company diary: You will receive one for the year 2022 and one for the Year 2023 + 1x exquisite pralines for €250,00: these items are shipped to your doorstep either by DHL or another speedy service. 6) Here is our top reward: the Orient Dining Express Restaurant Experience for donations of € 350,00 This event takes place in Maldegem. Conditions for the rewards: 1) Thank you note with an image of the restored stained glass window. For this reward no conditions apply and even if only 1 donation in this form is used, the card will be shipped. 2) USB memory card with an image printed on one side of the card. This reward will only be active if enough people select this reward (minimum of 25 people). If this amount is not reached the donations will be re-imbursed. 3) The exclusive stamps: This reward will only be active if enough people select this reward (minimum of 25 people). If this amount is not reached the donations will be re-imbursed. 4) The boxes with pralines: no conditions apply. 5) The diary 2022: no conditions apply. 6) The donations for the reward Orient Dining Express become active when 24 seats on the train are sold. If there is not enough interest the donations will be re-imbursed.

Allocation of funds

How the restoration will be handled: Step 1: In october/november the restauration company will carefully remove the 20 panels to undergo the necessary maintenance in the workshop and at the same time the new protective double glass window will be installed. Step 2: In the workshop the panels will be disassembled, cleaned, repaired, replaced and re-assembled during 6 to 12 months. Missing pieces will be redrawn based on found original images and completely be made new. The new pieces will have a mark to indicate that they are not the original pieces. Step 3: In the spring of 2022 restoration will start of the complete front of the building. The reinforced concrete plates will be cleaned, loose pieces removed, repositioned and will receive a protective coating. The bricks will also be cleaned, the joints between the bricks, will be cleaned, refilled and the complete surface will receive a protective coating. The reinforced concrete blocks around the windows will be handled in the same manner as the concrete blocks mentioned above. The concrete on the top of the building will also undergo a necessary treatment. Step 4: In the summer of 2022 we expect to see the stained glass panels come back from the workshop to be reinstalled behind the protective double glass window. How the money will be spent: The funds will be used to help us pay the bills for the restoration.Het fonds zal gebruikt worden om ons te helpen de restauratie te bekostigen. I would like to see to front of the building restored to it’s former glory. Because of the current economic status it is difficult for my company to pay the bills all by itself. 1) Firstly, a portion of the money will be taken by the Crowdfunding platform as a commission. (around 5%) and also the payment fees (around 3%) by the payment companies (like VISA or PayPal) 2) Next advertisement costs will be paid from the funds, like for facebook and other media. 3) The restoration of the glass stained window will cost appr. € 15.750,00. The company that will do the restoration is Birgit ConRes from Brugge and is an acknowledged and certified company. Via the link below you can get to know this company a little bit better. 4) The special protective double glass window will cost appr. € 8.400,00. This special window will addequatly protect the stained glass window for a long time and not hinder the visibility. 5) Cleaning and repairing the reinfoced concrete blocks on the bottom front of the building will cost appr. € 5.000,00 The company responsable for these activities is Martlé, a local company that has experience with restoration of old buildings. Below you can find a link tot heir own website. The concrete plates will be loosened, cleaned and repositioned where necessary. Where the metal reinforcments have become visible these will be cleaned, treated and covered with new concrete. The ribbed surface on the blocks will be preserved. After this a protective coating will be placed on top. 6) The metal frames will also be restored by the company Martlé. At the start of the works, they will be removed and cleaned up, repainted and will then receive a protective coating in the workshop before returning to the wall.Estimated repair cost 3.500,00. 7) The reïnforced concrete blocks surrounding the windows on the first and main floor will also be handled by Martlé. The work is similar to the work on the concrete blocks, but they will not be removed for treatment. All work on these blocks will happen on the spot. Estimated cost € 6.000,00 8) Repairing, cleaning and protecting the bricks on the outer wall is also done by Martlé. When the bricks are cleaned the joints between te bricks will also be cleaned and refilled. When the outer wall is ready it will also be treated by a protective coating. Estimated cost: € 12.500,00 9) The costs for preperation of the construction site is estimated to be € 6.700,00 10) There are also other expenses that are not yet mentioned here, but these are expected to me small amounts.

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