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Revue photographique - NICÉPHORE

Help us to make aAidez-nous à réaliser et imprimer le premier magazine-livre photographique trimestriel consacré à la photographie contemporaine.

Project visual Revue photographique - NICÉPHORE
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What is this « Book-Magazine » Nicéphore ?
Nicéphore is a soft-cover book, printed on 95 gr uncoated and matt paper. It a magazine, that looks like a book !
The whole magazine is dedicated to photo artists. No articles on equipment, no comparative articles, no commercials. We are only showing artists, well known or emerging from all over the world.

The magazine has a perfect size to be taken everywhere with you, to be offered as a gift, to start or complete a collection, …

Qui sont les artistes édités ?
Tous les artistes édités dans le magazine Nicéphore, ont déjà un parcours professionnel avancé. Ils sont souvent connus dans leur pays, le numéro 1 de NICÉPHORE présentent des photographes ayant signé pour (Vogue, Elle, Libération, etc... ). Ils présentent ici leurs travaux personnels et parfois professionnels.
What will you do if you are funded over 3600 euros ?
We will use the over funding to create and develop a series of paper books in which each issue will focus on a single artist. We will publish innovative artists that are unlikely to be published in “classic” publications.

In two years, the magazine has proven there is demand coming both from artists and from readers. We are glad to try and fulfill this demand.