Rivières : Les sentinelles du réchauffement

Joint us for an aventure in the heart of our rivers!

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Rivières : Les sentinelles du réchauffement

Creation of a documentary : how we see the global warming from the river!

For 2019 we decided to show how the chance of being close with nature every day give us a special position to observe and "comment" the evolution of our environement and its effects.  

Instead to just follow the stream on our diffrent sessions and races around the world, we decide to "paddle against the stream"... We want to film the life of thoose guys living on the side of the river, the one who get directly impacted by the global warming but still wake up every day and try to find solutions! Basicaly people like you who want to keep enjoying the fantastic environement of the rivers!


The current state​

« Rivers turn dry. Floods are more violent. Water cycle is changing. This is the conclusion we are making every day on the river… So what has happened? What are the effects of global warming ? Yes it's getting warmer!

Local actors are looking every day to find solutions to minimise the impacts of the global warming on the rivers, let's talk about it !

Help us to make this project come true !


Joint us for this adenture ! Follow what we discover and our reports on our website and social media (facebook, instagram)

Who are we?

Kayaker for life, together on the river and outside, we have both the same motivation to share our passion. From the practise of kayaking at an international level we are able to bring you in some majestetic area inaccessible for most people!

Nicolas Caussanel (Midi-Pyrénnées) : First it's so many hours on the water, some medals, lots of traveling and racing. "I still have the same motivation to wake up every morning to take my kayak and go on the river!"


He knows alot of rivers and paddlers around the world. He is the guide !

To discover him : https://www.facebook.com/Nicolas-Caussanel-527201424342810/


Marlène Devillez (Franc-Comtoise) : It's 18 years of freestyle kayaking, 10 years in the french team, 10 years of meadal and adventures!  "I'm an hydrogeologist and I love my job !" 


She is going to look at the scientific aspect of the adventure, but also the artistic aspect, because she will draw some aquarelles during our adventure! 

To know her better: https://www.facebook.com/devillezmarlene/

Our goal ?

Travel around Europe and go to the southern hemisphere and give you the opportunity to follow us for a year  (from january untill september 2019), observe with us the beauty and the majesty of the places where we are paddling. We will conclude on how the global warming impact thoose environements.

In France, New Zealand and Norway, we will introduce to you the problematics we will see, to understand together what are the issues of global warming and what is the solution!

How ?

Because it is still some septicists to convince, we will show you the evolution of the river where we are kayaking, looking back on how they where only 10 years ago. Ready for a past/present? We will bring you in our kayak discovering the river!

Our program : 

On the water : Kayking in withe water and waterfalls: some sports performance will be there!

On the river bank : Meeting with local specialist to understand the issues and show the solutions are here.

During our travelling, we are going to dress up a conclusion of the global warming impacts. Constat we will restitute in our documentary "How rivers respond to global warming" 

Global warming is not a fatality : share the positive action and let get people involve! 

Thanks for helping us in this adventure for our planet and our future.

Allocation of funds

Contribution from Kiss Kiss Bank will help us to finance a part of the project, the global coast will be afford by personal money, our partners and some public funding.

Money from Kiss Kiss Bank Bank will be use to buy:

- Web site : 1 000 €

- Video equipement : two Go Pro 860€, one camera 1000€, drone 700€, one working station to edit the video on the side of the river 900€ witch make a total of 3560€ 

- Travelling coast : 8 000 €

- Sport equipement: 2440€ 

Total is 15 000 €.

If we ear more than our estimate budget we will be able to hire some professional cameraman, and get more people to build the video. Witch would make us able to offer the video to TV and share the information as far as we can.

If we manage to complete our goal we will get the entire amount of the collect.

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Estimated delivery: October 2019

Marlène will draw for you an awesome aquarelle from a river discovered during our adventure! +your name on the generic and on our kayak + the newsletter
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