"Role Model" independent short film

A short film about obsession with ideal relationships.

Project visual "Role Model" independent short film
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"Role Model" independent short film



Role Model is a short film; it tells a story of a man, who is mentally unstable and has an obsession with ideal relationships.

He takes his ideas and inspiration from romantic comedies and tries to apply them in real life, often against the will of women he decides to love.


Estimated running time: 7-8 minutes

Shooting days: 3, on 3 locations

Shooting period: August-September 2013

Location: Paris



The director'swords:

Relating to film characters and situations is an interesting subject you can easily identify with. 

I find that many relationships are influenced by it. It's ridiculous, but I was obsessed by the idea of ideal friendships based on the TV show FRIENDS, which really crippled my perception of how friends should be.

So I will be bringing my own experience to the project, hoping it will help some people see their problem from a different point of view.    


Visual style:

Role Model will be shot like a romantic comedy - there will be light colors and soft bright lights. Through this, we want to bring the idea behind main character's actions closer to the viewer. His world is perfect, and he wants you to be a part of it.  


-The apartment: We managed to find and book a lovely family apartment, which fits ideally with the romantic ideas and intentions of the main character.   Apartment_collage   


- Mood board  


Romantic_collage   ---------------------------  


About the director:




My name is Anastasia Rudakova. I am a 22-year old debuting film-maker from Russia, living in Paris. So far, thanks to amazing people in this city I have been able to shoot music videos and help some of them with their films.  Now I want to make my own and you can be a part of it.          


About the principal actor:




Absolvent of several acting courses over the last 8 years, Marc is an experienced, responsive actor who takes direction exceptionally well. His experience with acting in short films and the range of characters he has covered during his career make him an invaluable asset for this film.

Allocation of funds

As mentioned before, Role Model is an independent film. Producing a film with a production company very often means changes and forced compromises. I would like to make this film with people around me without having to take into account orders from people to whom the project doesn't matter. 


Even though my crew - composed of aspiring young film-makers and cast-carefully selected from experienced actors, will be working for free, we still need extra something to make this happen. Which is why we need your help.


The money we will raise will finance the equippment, setting and accessories of the set as well as make up and food for the film unit (hungry crew is unhappy crew, and unhappy crew means sloppy work!)


Here is an approximate breakdown of the 2000€ we need to raise:


Equippment (camera accessories, lights): 850€

Shooting location: 248€

Food for 12-20 people (with extras): 300€

Make-up and set decorations: 500€

+Campaign fees


Please note, that budget is only estimated. It might be higher, it might be lower. If after the shoot any money should remain, it will go into making good quality copies of the film on DvD for the contributors, as well as into submission fees for the film festivals.


Thank you!







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Special thanks in the credits, special DVD with a making of, a copy of the script and a photo from the shoot.
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