Sakina M'Sa sur les podiums

Participate to the creation of a extraordinary fashion show for the people by the people during Fashion Week of October 2013

Sakina M'Sa sur les podiums



Live from Paris Fashion Week in October 2013, the celebration of Feminity, Sharing, and Craftsmanship: Sakina's collections "made from the heart".







Sakina M'Sa is a young designer brand dedicated to modern women, her pieces are sweet, light to the skin yet architectural. Sakina's pieces abide by a principle of sustainable development. Made in her workshop in the "Barbés district" of Paris, she uses fabrics recycled from the Haute Couture houses. Sakina has a unique relationship with fabrics and sends strong messages through her dynamic workshops with the Barbès community


This brilliant and determined designer has been arwarded numerous prizes for "Business Ethics", "Excellency of Creation", and "Talents" by the Fashion Industry.


Sakina is a highly creative designer and considers Fashion as a means of expressing her deeper beliefs and numerous talents.Through Fashion, Sakina wants  to  connect with the communities of both Barbès and the Couture world, and encourage them to be proud of their expertise in the art of manufacturing Fashion in a unique way.










But let Sakina M'Sa speak for herself and texplain  why she needs you for her Fashion Show  project:


" I single handly founded and funded my Fashion House in 2002, and my return on the runway in October 2013 to present my new Fall / Winter collections will be a kind of "revival".


The journey to this event will be filled with many things and mixed compromises both expected and unexpected. There is an exhaustive list of logistics and expenses that go into putting a runway collection and without the incredible support of friends, family, and the counteless hours of donated time and energy from my tribe of talended and creative team, I would not have been able to have gone that far.

However, self funding my last collections meant that my creative vision has exceeed my humble budget.

Doing a lot with a little is always a challenge, but Sakina M'Sa brand has reached a place where its needs to keep up with the demand , and become a reality for more people.


In order to build reaching this goal of find potential investors, reach new customers, increase sales, and continue to bring love, sharing and meaningness to fashion, I need your support and participation to help fund the upcoming F/W 2014 runway show extravaganza!


Fashion week is around the corner and Sakina's workshop is buzzing with the preparations for this October Show. We will not be able to do it without your support, so join the celebration and contribute now to be a part of the makign od the show.

It is your chance now to meet a fabulous  fashion designer and to attend the Sakina M'Sa  show, the "one of its kind "unique runway show of the season!


Through wonderful friends, the venue is confirmed and kindly offered to us with most of the basics, the " Passage du Désir" , in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, which is an incredible location dedicated to Arts and Cultural events.








Allocation of funds

And here is the breakdown of all the things your contributions will help us fund:


Professional models and food/beverage in the backstage : 4 300 euros.


Printing and mailing show invitations: I have created the invitation and they are printed and sent out by mail to press, buyers, customers, future customers, and special guests from all over the world : 2 500 euros.


Sitting of guests: we will need to make people come but also sit down, so the second  contribution will be renting benches for 350 guests, and you can be part of them : 400 euros.


Making the event known: with the professionnal help of a press agency hired especially for the show and after show , by creating a quality press book: 3 600 euros.


Show production: after creating the perfect  collection , the Sakina M'Sa vision will not be complete without creating the correspondant  atmosphere:

- a live Band ,  the original "marque de fabrique" of Sakina's first shows, all dressed up with pieces of the collection presented.

- styling, make up and hair, shoes, set design, lighting and sound,  all necessary to complete the fantasy !

- Making the event last a professionnal video  agency  will shoot and produce a film of the backstage and show itself, that every followers of the brand will be able to see after the show , on all media platforms including Fashion TV, with an exclusive advance preview for the KissKissBankers : 5600 euros


Transportations of the garments : 100 euros


Total = 15 820 euros





Here is the fun part : In return for your contribution, you will get all sorts of sweet, fun, unique, and exciting Sakina M'Sa rewards.


Get a glimpse of the exciting gifts waiting for you  if you contribute NOW !




The excitment has just begun and Sakina is waiting  for you to share with her this special moment.


All my love !

Help me change the world!

Be part of Sakina Revolution!


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