Support Afghan Artists!

Whether they are in exile or in Afghanistan, Afghan artists need your generosity to survive!

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Support Afghan Artists!

Whether persecuted in their country or as refugees without any means, Afghan artists need your help! "In just a few days, art has disappeared from Afghanistan. With the Taliban, art has no right to exist." said Omaid Sharifi, co-founder of the NGO ArtLords, created in Kabul in 2014. In seven years, ArtLords collective has developed artistic projects throughout the country to fight against the war, and also to educate the population. ArtLords has created nearly 2,000 large murals, some of which have already been erased by the Taliban. Beaux Arts Magazine and Le Quotidien de l'art are taking action alongside the NGO ArtLords, to collect donations in order to financially help Afghan artists, whether in their country or in exile, in France or around the world.

Allocation of funds

Whether you choose to give €1 or €10,000, your generosity is essential to the survival of the artists! The funds collected will allow ArtLords to help the artists in exile, left without any means, and also to provide material support to those remaining in Afghanistan. For any donation of €25, you will receive a poster of a reproduction of one of ArtLords' wall painting (A5 format). For any donation of €50 or more, you will receive a poster of a reproduction of one of ArtLords' wall painting (A3 size). The posters will be printed free of charge by the art publisher MUZÉO, fundraising partner. You will receive your poster at the end of the fundraising. All the donations, excluding the commission taken by the KissKissBankBank platform and the shipping costs of the posters, will be given to ArtLords who will redistribute them to the artists. Beaux Arts & Cie will ensure the proper allocation of the donations.

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