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SCHUBERT - WINTERREISE / VOYAGE D'HIVER is a long-term project funded by our generous kissbankers! We are pleased to share with you some excerpts from the work in progress: A first scenographic concert with the artists placed at the heart of Nicolas Bonnamy's images will take place on April 2nd 2022 in Gennes-Val-de-Loire. The town will host this first stage of creation, which will be an opportunity for us to test our idea and also to shoot some images intended for the search for partners and co-producers in this project. Keep in touch for the news! A REMINDER - ABOUT OUR WINTERREISE PROJECT The recording of a CD, the first CD by mezzo-soprano Belinda Kunz, with pianist Jean-Dominique Burroni Planned for November 2021, it has been delayed and now is planned for the end of the first half of 2022 with an "official" release in the autumn of 2022! Concert to launch the CD planned for October at the Maison des Choeurs in Montpellier. a Belinda Kunz: "Producing a first record, for an artist at the beginning of her career, is a truly founding moment. This is even more true when it comes to recording Winter Journey. I am lucky enough to be accompanied on this project by a wonderful pianist, Jean-Dominique Burroni, with whom I have given many concerts and recitals since the beginning. Winterreise came about gradually, we tamed it little by little, concert after concert, until it became a sort of "home", a place where we felt particularly well and where we had a lot to share. The confinement was a trigger for the desire to record it, because it allowed us to work in depth, to take our time. We were able to see each other a lot, work at leisure, discuss, dream, share... We were all going through difficult times at the time, and Schubert's music, which expresses human suffering so well while at the same time carrying a great deal of light, did us a world of good! This strengthened our resolve to develop the project in many ways, to share it not only through a record, but also live, in an original form that goes beyond the strict framework of the recital." a A scenography for a different Winter Journey, carried by a poetic, musical and sound universe as well as a visual one Nicolas Bonnamy, video artist, has made numerous rushes of magnificent nature shots, echoing the impressions given to us by Schubert's work: those of a very subjective view of the world, of a nature with which the emotions and states of the traveller merge completely to become one. The perception of time ends up being erased, and one has the feeling of leaving the world while diving into it. It is a completely inner vision, far from any realism or exteriority. It is not a question of imposing views on the audience, but of taking them with us into the realm of possibility. Belinda: "Le Voyage d'Hiver is a journey into the self. Beyond the pain expressed, the feeling of not having a place in the world, there is also a lot of light: something mysterious that could be felt as a call to brotherhood, a call to communion with one's neighbour, this other self. When I sing the Winter Journey, it almost gives me the impression of a long meditation, with something very physical too, almost like a trance that requires a great deal of abandonment. That's what I want to share with the audience." Follow the project on Facebook Instagram

Allocation of funds

REMINDER The campaign was launched on 7 June 2021. Our first goal of €4,000 to complete a first investment in production and to cover the costs of the recording itself (sound engineer, de-rushing, mastering, pressing and making the booklet) was reached in less than a week! Then the campaign continued until July 17, 2022 and allowed us to reach 162% of the first objective, the second part allowing us to launch the project of scenography and to organize a first showcase. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank our kissbankers for this generous and decisive help!



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