Selfies around the globe

Selfies around the globe. You don't only contribuate to a project, you PARTICIPATE !

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Selfies around the globe


What is it?


 Picture this (no pun intended!): a book of selfies, but not just any selfies YOUR selfies! An amazing book that gathers pics of you guys from all around the world so everyone can see the world through your eyes! It can be any pic you want:


YOU in front of a monument

YOU enjoying a typical dish

YOU wearing your country's traditional costume

YOU in your favorite place in the whole entire world





All the pics will be made into a book which will be sold on Amazon if the goal is reached.



The possibilities are endless, just show us the world how you see it, how you experience it!

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Important : join in the mail with the pic : name, place, date and your KISSKISSBANKBANK username








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