SENS DESSUS DESSOUS : an urban perception

Come on ! Let's turn our daily lives upside down!

Project visual SENS DESSUS DESSOUS : an urban perception
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SENS DESSUS DESSOUS : an urban perception



What if we turn the city upside down ?


Our project questions the perception of an urban space shared by a passageway on the underground and a place of life above.


The main aim is to create a link between the space of the subway, the underground, and the things going on in the city above. To reach this aim we want to open the user's eyes for a new vision of the city. We hope to surprise by creating an artistic ephemeral environment in the subway station. The interventions will be realized according to the architectural environment of the subway station, the waiting area and the passageway. The changeover of these two spaces, thought as opposed to each other, is in the center of our activities.  





Dalia Ferreira is a visual artist form Venezuela. In 20014 she obtained a grant for an artistic visa from the French government for her project “Cities of the world”. The same project made it possible to become the first Latin-American artist sponsored by Google Open Gallery.

She lives currently in Lyon and studies at the University for Applied Arts of Lyon.

Dalia Ferreira works on the basis of photographs of urban landscapes and personages. For our project she proposes to exhibit an imaginary of the city in the subway. This artwork will be created in the framework of a photo workshop with inhabitants of the district Guillotière.





With an educational background as musician and landscaper, the artist Gilles Malatray, alias Desartsonnants, creates soundscapes and sound sensitive tours. He intervenes, as well, in art schools, universities and cultural institutions for conferences and workshops. Currently, the artist stays at the Friche Lamartine, in Lyon. For our project, Desartsonnants will create an soundscape in the subway, based on the image of the city above.





Founded in 2004, the association has the aim to “transform the abandoned urban places into gardens”, based on the idea of the American “community gardens”. Situated in the heart of the district Guillotière, the association enlivens patches of greenery and organizes events to foster the relations of proximity and the life of the district. Based on photographs and videos, the association Brin d'Guill' will descend the rare spaces of greenery that exist in the city in the subway.







 Aline, Clémence, Kadi, Thamara and Chloé, five students enrolled in the Master program « Development of international cultural and artistic projects » at the University Lyon 2, in a multicultural and super motivated dynamics!






Allocation of funds

Our project receives neither subventions, nor financial support from private partners, so we need you to be able to realize it !!!

The raised money is will serve exclusively to pay the artists participating at our project and to refund their artistic material !


What if we raise more than 850€ ?

If you are very generous, and you give us more than 850€...don't panic! We thought about everything...We can pay the artists and print flyers, posters and stickers for a super communication campaign!


Clémence, the smart manager and co-founder of our project, will take good care of your donations in order to compensate the work of our dedicated artists! 


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