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Tuesday, June 26, 2012
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Un camion part de France vers les Balkans. À son bord un atelier d’édition et de sérigraphie. Des ateliers de sérigraphie en français seront organisés pour des enfants dans des structures françaises locales. L’idée est de créer un atlas imagé à travers une même question : «Peux-tu dessiner le trajet que tu empruntes de chez toi pour venir ici ?».


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Give the amount of your choice, without any rewards.

For €10 and more

Hand made (silk-screen and cutting technique) stickers with pictures of project « Séribalkans ». The must !

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For €15 and more

Sending of a postcard from one of the visited countries with a personal inscription! + previous compensation

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For €40 and more

Ten official postal stamps made with our drawings, for shiping the letter of 20g in France! + previous compensation

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Availability 36/50

For €80 and more

Traveller-illustrator kit: compass + silk-screen printed T-shirt + stickers + guide of silk-screen print technique + compensation of 15€

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Availability 48/50

For €200 and more

A copy of our futur book (illustrated atlas) with a personal dedication and your name in word of thanks + one silk-screen printing + one photography (13x19cm) + stickers + compensation of 15€

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Availability 19/20

For €500 and more

One Elza's or Dankas's art work: an original silk-screen print or an orgininal photography, 40x60 cm + stickers + hand made notebook + compensation of 15 euros

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Availability 4/6

For €1,600 and more

Organisation of silk-screen print workshop whenever in France + compensation of 15 euros

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