Serres Dômes Auvergnates éducatives

Help us fund an original greenhouse for growing in optimal conditions and to introduce gardening to our children!!!

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Serres Dômes Auvergnates éducatives

Implementing a dome greenhouse for exposure and organize educational workshops to teach children gardening.



Sarl Les Serres Domes is a company located in Auvergne since 2011.

I introduce myself, I'm Julien Verchere, manager of the company since its establishment in France. I was trained in editing techniques and manufacturing Domes Serres in the US and I have brought back the principle to France to start my own business in association with the parent company in the US Growing Dome. Article_massif1-1452163383 Article_massif2-1452163404


The workshop



Who are we? 


The Serres Domes company wants to contribute positively to the environment in France and manufactures a kit, accessible, attractive, well designed energy efficient and provide an interior ecosystem optimized for natural cultivation spread throughout the year with an addiction minimal electricity and fossil fuels.


We are involved with the creation of this green company, promoting as much as possible, the use of renewable and natural energy of the sun, water, earth and wind, in combination with existing technology.We want to make a product as effective as possible, that is affordable to the greatest number and have a light footprint on the earth.


The greenhouse is an educational tool that remains positive long after its acquisition and will change the vision of each on its vegetable production, on how to preserve the environment. It is also about helping people learn how to live and grow in harmony with the earth and the season.


Why an exhibition greenhouse project?


The company has implemented many greenhouses in France but also in Belgium and Switzerland. She now wants to show that his concept is most suitable for future generations that could self-supply fruits and vegetables.



The project is to build a greenhouse dome with a diameter of 6.60m for greenhouse exposure for the company, but also an educational tool for schools in Auvergne.


Ultimately, the project will help to introduce gardening to children and to learn the basics of ecology through participation in fun and educational workshops (pumpkin cutout for Halloween, planting various vegetables and crops, composting .. .)


Imagine reporting the results of their workshops to parents, and encourage gardening and consuming locally!



What does it actually look like?





Allocation of funds

1) Professional Goal   


-Financing Of all materials for the manufacture of the greenhouse. All our materials are produced in France, the structure is wooden Douglas, high strength polycarbonate coating double or triple wall insulation the north is provided by Reflectix panels, and sealing is carried out with the 3M adhesive. The cost of the raw material to fund a greenhouse dome is important and for this project it is around € 8000 and involves the purchase of wood, polycarbonate, nuts, insulation panels, sheet metal to make the basin, pvc pipes ensuring geothermal inside the greenhouse, door manufactured specifically for greenhouses domes by a carpenter, as well as fans and solar panels to ensure an acceptable temperature in summer and winter inside the dome.




-Financing Of the base surface serving to accommodate the greenhouse (level gravel bed). This greenhouse will be built on the outskirts of the workshop on a surface loaned by the city which is to date consists of grass. It will cover it by digging a trench and gravel affixing to create a stable island to implement the greenhouse dome, gravel draining rainwater and snowmelt, preventing damage to the siding of wood. The cost of this operation amounts to € 1,000.




-Financing Of rainwater recovery for filling the basin that ensures the humidity in the greenhouse and watering garden. Two 1000L skimmers will be located next to the greenhouse to feed the rainwater basin . The amount rises to € 500 because it will provide a pipe system feeding the basin and the transportation and installation of these two mobile tanks.  


2) Educational Purpose  


-Financing Supports for the different workshops (painting, chalk, board cutting). We will organize workshops in partnership with area schools. For that equipment investment to be achieved. We will acquire working tools for children and chaperones, and create fun and educational activities for children, which requires an initial investment of € 500.


-Financing Seeds, herbs, pots ... We will also have the seeds and pots for teaching gardening to children and various gardening tools.



 -Financing Communication mails sent to schools and various partners. To make known our project, and grow the reputation of  Les Serres Domes, we will need to print flyers and sending letters to different envisageables.


And if.... more!



If the collect exceeds the ceiling to achieve, what joy! We plan to create a floral environment in addition to educational, because part of our customer base grows flowers and even raises animals in our greenhouses! Orchids are there queens ....




If the project is successful and that donations are inflowing, we will create a garden of orchids hanging inside the dome and we will consider to populate the pond water is naturally filtered with freshwater mussels, snails, crayfish ....

Why not look elsewhere for you to enjoy our bartering fish against those births enthusiasts around France?  



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