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Description <p> We are international. We prepared the project description in 4 languages. Please find your language below: What is Sharenista? We created Sharenista due to a very simple fact : It is not always easy to find on the internet services at home. Where to turn when we are in need of a hairdresser on the weekend, a manicure on a Sunday morning, a language lesson at home, a DJ for a birthday or someone that sews my dream dress. In most cases, it boils down to checking on your friends or write a status on a social network and wait for someone to answer. I guess you all know this situation.  That's why we want to set up a website that will bring together the „servicce seekers“ with all those who have the talent and skills to offer greaat service.  The idea is to have a Private –to- Private marketplace with the the spirit of mutual assistance or favours from people in your city.This is in no way to create a showcase for professionals who have already set up their shop.  Sharenista will be our main website and we will break it down into several worlds- Fashionista, Beautynnista, Partynista and Homenista, allowing a more precise and extensive research.  How it works ? Well, this is where Sharenista comes into the game. Indeed, our platfoorm is absolutely for everyone who can use the Internet. You tell me that you have no service to offer. Yes, maybe. And still I am not sure abot that. But what I am definitel sure of is that you have at least once in your life, needed a service on a Saturday night where a professional service provider could only come by on Monday. An unexpected event is looming and you have not had time to go to the hairdresser. Well you can find someone near you to make you look breathtaking for your Saturday night out. Who has never desperately looked for a "nanny" at the last minute with all the professional agencies that no longer replied as you called on „Out-of-office-hours“? Another example for you ladies. We all have experienced a Bad-hair day- They especially occur when we have important meetings and unffortunately your hair dresser requires appointments in advance. Check on Sharenista. Your problem will be solved within minutes.  Let’s have a look at the other way round. You are a chef and you can cook an exotic menu at a romantic home- candle light dinner ? You are a wonderful stylist and you want to "help" people to look even more beautiful or better about themselves? You are a Yoga instructor and want to make extra money of the yoga hours that you spend in the park anyway ? Maybe you are a great Piano player, you'll find plenty of people who have you play at their birthdays, marriage, etc ...  Let others benefit, then! Register now! It is not hard to tell now, the Sharenista platform is made for everyone AND so for YOU ! Why you should be a Sharenista ? Our platform aims to make your life easier, with more interesting prices than the comercial ones available , personalized services tailored to your particular needs whenever you need them. We are human beings designed to live in a community- Noone can do everything but nowadays people like you and me have the most astonishing talents and the time and will to make others and themselves benefit from it. On the Sharenista platform you will from now on be able to create your profile and be both- an offerer and a service buyer.  If you have anything to offer that you think could help others make their lives easier, more exciting or effective without spending a tramendous amount of money, then choose the cloud that fits best your service and start your little own business on Sharenista.  If you don’t want to offer then I am sure, you will find interesting services from people in your city in the following four worlds of Sharenista- Partynista, Bellanista, Casanista, Fashionista and Citynista. Enjoy a new way of life and browse through all the offers in the different cities of Europe. </p>

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<p> Our goal is to create a mobile application to easily book a service</p>



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