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Shazamm! Online

Shazamm! is a game of strategy and deceit for everyone, in a world of Heroic-Fantasy. Spells, traps, challenges…the Grand Game!




Imagine 2 wizards who challenge each other on a bridge, in a far away kingdom, suspended over a river of lava. But be careful! In the violence of the attack, the bridge is falling apart …..



▪ You confront, in a dual, wizards around the world, to be the one who manages to stay on the bridge. At the end, only the BEST will remain standing!

▪ Your aim is to drive away your opponent with the help of a wall of fire, until he falls into the fiery river of lava.

▪ Using skilled tactics of your magical energy called Mana, and your careful choice of special spells, thanks to your 14 game cards will enable you to win.


" What interests me in this game is the relationship with the other gamer : we play in pairs, with friends and with people who want to share the same pleasure in a gaming experience. It's a quest-style, learning game, where the more we play the more we have fun and the more we know our opponent the more we can imagine the counter-attacks. That was really the aim of our work. " (Philippe des Pallières, co-author of Shazamm!)



Videos made by french youtuber intro and game


Introducing the game


Playing a whole game




▪ You embody one of the most powerful wizards in the kingdom. THE most powerful, without any doubt. And you are going to fight against a fierce opponent.

▪ Connecting to the application, you will immediately be in the possession of the powers of Gydel, the Green Wizard. As for the weak points of your opponent and of the winning strategy, it will be up to you to find them !


Gydel, The Green Wizard




Gydel confronts a chilling adversary :


▪ Oxetrix, The Red Wizard




▪ Shazamm Online will feature a new, unrivaled character : Zaruhi, the Priestess of the Temple of Fire.






▪ Each player can cast powerful spells to his/her opponent thanks to the 14 cards that he/she will have to use very carefully.

▪ At the beginning of each dual, your stock of Mana is 50 points. At each attack you bet secretly on Mana points ; your stock will decrease accordingly.

▪ If you wish to make your attack more powerful, you can cast a spell to your opponent by using a Spell Card, but be careful, your opponent can do the same as you !




1. Muteness > From now on, no Spell has any effect for the whole round. This means that any other Spell played on that turn is discarded with no effect. Would any foolish Wizard cast a Spell later on this round, the Spell would be lost and discarded. (Note that this Spell is the only one that keeps on having effect after the end of the turn).


2. Clone > The caster of this Spell picks up one of the discarded Spells, played by the opponent on the previous turn. This picked Spell will be applied on this turn, as if played normally by the caster, and according to its priority number.


3. Larceny > Any Spell the opponent may have cast on this turn goes to the larcener’s side. The caster can choose, for each spell, if it will be applied to his own advantage, or discarded. 


4. End Single > The round ends at once! The Firewall stays where it is. The Wizards are set three steps away on each side, a new round will begin. Any other Spell played on this turn, and yet unapplied, is discarded with no effect.


5. Middle > The Firewall is moved at once back on the “equally distant” division (the location it was in at the start of the round), then the turn goes on as if nothing happened.


6. Recycle > The caster can re-adjust his Mana bet, taking back or adding up to five Mana Points. He will then fight and pay according to this modification.


7. Attack Boost > The power of the caster’s attack is increased by 7. However, of course, he will only pay the amount of his bet.


8. Double Dose > The power of the caster’s attack is doubled. However, of course, he will only pay the amount of his bet.


9. Winner Loses > This Spell will reverse the Firewall movement, that’s to say it will move toward the Wizard with the stronger attack. Obviously, it has no effect if the Firewall is not due to move.


10. Inferno > If the Firewall is due to move, it will move two divisions, whatever the direction. However, if one step is enough for it to reach a wizard, then it just do this one step, and the round is over. 


11. Resistance > In no way will the Firewall move toward the caster. If it was due to do so, then it will not move.


12. Bad Loser > If the caster loses the turn (that is: if the Firewall actually moved towards him), he doesn’t pay his bet.


13. Reserve Boost > The caster’s Mana reserve increases by 13. But it can never be more than 50.


14. Suction > The caster’s Mana reserve increases by the opponent’s bet (not the power of his attack). But it can never be more than 50.



▪ Shazamm!was at first a board game, then an online game has materialised in 2003 on the website, and today the project is to readapt a digital and modern version of Shazamm ! Online.

▪ The classic version of Shazamm! Was imagined roughly 15 years ago by two co-authors :

- Philippe des Pallières, creator of famous and well-known games like "La Guerre des moutons", "Armada" or "The Werewolves of Miller's Hollow".

- François Bruel, creator of the graphic universe of Shazamm!, author of the first software adaptation of the game.




" I met Philippe and we agreed that Shazamm ! would be a perfect game to play online. He had been thinking about it for years, and was waiting to come across someone who could make it possible. Our idea is to offer a brand new experience, beyond the traditional board game." (Matthias Rougier, developer of the application Shazamm! Online)






▪ The alpha testable version has been under development for several months now. You will soon be able to play as an alpha tester.....The alpha version represents the first stage in the development of the game : it is destined to give a little taste of the final result. The illustrations, the interface and the gaming experience will evolve depending on your feedback, in order to prepare the final and ultimate version of the game.




▪ You will be able to give your opinions about the new features of the application :

The new characters : after Zahuri, the Priestess of Fire, another 20 or so different characters are being developed to enhance the Shazamm! Application Online.

the scenarisation : it covers the role, the powers and the story of each character.

the unrivaled functionalities : we have planned to enhance the game using animations, sound emoticons, advanced statistics, tournaments between the players..... (see "the new features")


▪ You will be the first to test and give your opinion about Shazamm!Online. Your feedback is crucial for its future evolution !




Matthias Rougier is the project developer : trained as an analyst-programmer and a gaming enthusiast, who manages the technical side of the application. Know more about Matthias in his biography.....


Mihran Alaverdyan is the project designer : he has more than 10 years experience of the gaming world, and he has started to design all of the illustrations of Shazamm! Online.



Mihran drawing the characters of Shazamm!




▪ The spirit of Shazamm! will be strictly preserved: which makes the game so fascinating and exciting. But the player's habits have progressed, and we are sure that an application will provide new and exciting possibilities to enhance the game.


" We want to offer you a new and exciting experience, beyond the board game! " (Matthias Rougier)


▪ Here are the additions that we have planned to develop thanks to this campaign :

- new illustrations

- a newe interface

- exciting new characters

- animations and sound, audible emoticons


- an automatic search for opponents

- fast games (roughly 10 min)

- tournaments between players

- advanced statistics about the style of your opponents to counter attack them better

- access to their profiles and ratings

- an Adventure mode


... and the last word is from the co-author of Shazamm!...


" I really have a lot of confidence in this digital version of the game, and I would love to play it on my mobile." (Philippe des Pallières)


Quick preview of the alpha demo (20s)




▪ By taking part in this campaign

▪ Becoming an alpha tester with the reward of your choice

▪ Spreading the word about Shazamm! Online. To help you, we offer you the pitch of the project, that you can cut and paste.



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I have just discovered an interesting project that I would love to show you......

Shazamm! is a game of strategy and trickery for everyone. Fight and confront, in a dual, wizards from around the world, and become the most powerful of all of them!

Created about ten years ago from the imagination of the well-known author Philippe des Pallières, co-author of the famous "The Werewolves of Miller's Hollow", Shazamm! was originally a board game.

After several months of work, Matthias Rougier (developer) and Mihran Alaverdyan (designer) introduced the Shazamm! Online application which will be available for the alpha version testers.

The app includes all the features of the board game and uses the unprecedented possibilities offered by the application. Great duals await you !

Support the Shazamm! Online project :

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Thanks and see you soon ! ~




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Allocation of funds

If we get 100% of the fundraising, we will be able to launch Shazamm! Online with the following features (1st step) :


1. New illustrations for the spells in the shape of icons better adapted for mobile format. (1 600€)

2. To finish developing and integrating the 14 spells. (500€)

3. An interactive gameplay tutorial with the rules of the game. (1 000€)

4. The gamers profile page, management of the characters and avatars, management of the levels and the rewards. (1 000€)

5. Online dual mode and automatic matchmaking (automatic designation of an opponent). (1 000€)

6. Gamer's ranking page with the league (top 100). (400€)

7. Integration of the emoticons. (1 000€)


If we get to the 2nd step (10 000€), we will be able to make Shazamm! Online even more dynamic :


8. Animation (characters and spells) and sound (ambiance, emoticons, interface). 2 500€

9. Support for a pc as well as your mobile. 1 000€


If we get to the 3rd step (13 000€), Shazamm! Online will become social and enter the competition mode !


10. Tournaments between players with rewards (experience, dark energy = virtual money) 1 500€

11. A list of friends with friendly fights (connections to social networks), rewards.1 500€



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