Short film by Bwi and Baziw

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Project visual Short film by Bwi and Baziw
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Scouts et Guides de France

Scouts et Guides de France

Eclaireurs Unionistes de France

Eclaireuses et Eclaireurs Unionistes de France

Short film by Bwi and Baziw

<p>Ever since I was a child I have always wanted to make movies. Now is the time, everything is in place for us to succeed. My friend and I both came from France to Los Angeles and we have written and put together a very compelling&nbsp;story. It is inspired by <em>&quot;Le Samourai</em>&quot; and will be in the vibe of &quot;<em>Drive</em>&quot; (which was inspired by &quot;<em>Le</em><em> Samourai</em>&quot; itself) and be less than 10 minutes. We are planning on having very intense sequences and compelling characters arcs. Of course, it will be shot all around Los Angeles and we&nbsp;want the best, most beautiful&nbsp;visual experience we can offer our viewers. After the film is done we will submit it to festivals and we&nbsp;hope it can help get our&nbsp;career started.</p> <p><strong>Logline</strong>: A killer for hire&nbsp;has to rethink the way he&#39;s lived when he&#39;s asked to kill his best friend.</p>

Allocation of funds

<p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Here is what we need money for:</p> <p>-The film shooting material will cost us about $1000 to rent.</p> <p>-The accessories (Guns, props, clothes..) have been calculated to cost around $600.</p> <p>-Renting the places where we are going to shoot (4 different locations) will be around $500.</p> <p>-The rental of a car will be $200.</p> <p>-The extras&nbsp;and the crew will be payed with the rest.</p>


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