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Sibéri > CLIP & EP 2018

<p>The next music video of Sib&eacute;ri needs your support&nbsp;&ndash; 2&nbsp;days of shooting in&nbsp;France, with 15&nbsp;participants. This clip will be released together with the next EP in September 2018.&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>You may have seen the previous videos of Sib&eacute;ri -&nbsp;<br />A magic forest raveparty in Berlin - <a href=""></a><br />A sporty trip to the south of France - <a href=""></a></p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Time for the next adventure! Off we go, <strong>between&nbsp;the Camargue and the C&eacute;vennes Natural parcs with the director C&eacute;dric Marcellin</strong> (and his army of drones and sub-marine cameras).&nbsp;</p><p>Costumes &amp; masks: Emmanuelle Rico Chastel &ndash; (<a href=""></a>).&nbsp;<br />Director of Photography:&nbsp;C&eacute;dric Marcellin &ndash;&nbsp;(<a href=";h=ATPTFCQb1OSe3V6aJ9j3Q8nbCywJ1DNHcBFvipFH1g1t5Bb99DurZ_8ROUd9EapgVl_8MHZHLwKnulupw6hjoyUkf1C5YUehyb2r6URh1L7xAgBXSu5m4JKz"></a>),<br />Assistant cam&eacute;ra (pointeur).</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><strong>Bio</strong>: Sib&eacute;ri is Julien Saumande, a singer and electronic music producer from Marseille, France. Selected by numerous programs for emerging artists including the&nbsp;Printemps de Bourges festival, he&#39;s regularly playing shows&nbsp;in France and&nbsp;Germany. The next EP of Sib&eacute;ri has been composed from&nbsp;a roadtrip done on&nbsp;the Californian coast, this video will illustrate one of the songs brought back from this travel.</p>

Allocation of funds

<p><strong>Target Number 1:&nbsp;700&euro;&nbsp;</strong>will finance the production of the entire music video!<br />&bull; Material rental:&nbsp;100&euro;<br />&bull; Hospitality and transports over 2 days:&nbsp;50&euro;<br />&bull; Make up, masks, costumes: 100&euro;<br />&bull; 2 days shooting- cameraman &amp;&nbsp;assistant: 250&euro;<br />&bull; 2 days editing &ndash; film editor : 200&euro;<br />&bull; Volonteers, actors:&nbsp;&lt;3 &euro; &nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><strong><strong>Target number 2: +200&euro; </strong></strong>will finance extra material rental for more cinematic images!<br />&bull; Rental of a steadycam: 100&euro;&nbsp;<br />&bull; Drone rental: 100&euro;<br /><br />The entire amount of this fundraising will be transferred to Sib&eacute;ri who will&nbsp;use it for the shooting of his next music video happening on June 23.</p>



Your name in the clip’s credits and a plenty of gratefulness :)

Estimated delivery: September 2018


Your Name in the credits + Download of the next EP before everyone.

Estimated delivery: August 2018


  • 7 contributions
Previously mentioned compensations + VIP access pass to a concert in France (Paris, Marseille) or in Berlin.

Estimated delivery: August 2018


  • 5 contributions
Your name in the credits, download of the next EP, 2 concert tickets and a cassette of Sibéri.

Estimated delivery: July 2018


  • 1 contribution
Your name in the credits, EP download, 2 concert tickets, 2 cassettes and a poster signed and dedicated to you!

Estimated delivery: July 2018

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  • 4 contributions
Previously mentioned compensations credits, 2 concert tickets, 2 cassettes, 1 poster+ a unique Vinyl (4 songs, limited to 4 copies) by Sibéri.

Estimated delivery: July 2018