Help Solomon Pico release his first music video for "Outerspace"!


The project


A few weeks after putting out his first electropop single "Black & Blue", France-based Solomon Pico is now preparing the release of the scifi rock track "Outerspace". You can help him finance an exciting new video which will be released on 15 December on Youtube and during a very special gig at Le Biplan (Lille).






Why fund it?

Masterfully directed by Sabah and edited by Valentine (Graffiti Fish), the video will feature aliens, guitars and a cellophane star... The fundraising will allow the team to rent the necessary equipment (camera, costumes...) for around 100 euros; the rest of the money will be paid to the two directors. Any extra money will be given to Sabah and Valentine to reward them for their excellent work!  





- 15 October - 6 November 2016: shooting of the video

- 7 November - 14 December 2016: editing & final touches

- 15 December 2016: video release & screening at the Biplan (Lille)


Solomon Pico

Technicolor Rock from London (UK) & Lille (FR)

Newest comments

J'ai la chance de connaitre et d'avoir entendu Solomon Pico, de la classe dans la voix, des mélodies et des arrangements qui vous rendent les journées meilleures. La vidéo promet donc !
On attend Noël maintenant !
Avec impatience !!! Bonne production !