Sorciere N°4 ~ Art & Histoires ~ "Nothing Happens until Something Moves"

"And once you are awake, You shall remain awake eternaly " Out of her tomb, "Sorcière" would always come back ~

Project visual Sorciere N°4 ~ Art & Histoires ~ "Nothing Happens until Something Moves"
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Sorciere N°4 ~ Art & Histoires ~ "Nothing Happens until Something Moves"

"And once you are awake,..." 📷 Dark, Cute & Rock n 'Roll "Sorcière" takes you on ride through the underground 48 pages Art & Stories #claudefrançois "How many people did claude françois save from death?" he said, "Who would dare to screw a light bulb in their bathroom after that?" I added "He was not an electrician, that's for sure" he said to me, closing his toolbox, "I'm not going to charge you that", (Claude is a famous star in france, he was a singer, and a dancer, but he died brutally of electrocution ndlr) That's why I called an electrician, and that's roughly how "sorciere 4" started Since number 3 a team of living dead have been traveling the "afterlife" with their expired journalist cards, in search of dead to interview, "Interview with the dead," asks questions to dead people in the 'afterlife' 📷 the psycho test #sanriocore Wich 'Hell Kitty' are you ? Hellraiser, Hannibal, ... ? a psychology test to decipher wich type of psychopath you are #cemeterycore "I told you I was Sick" HorrorScope isn't your regular horroscope this issue theme are Epitaphs depending on your zodiac sign, along with complete astral theme to stay RocknRoll until the very end #games a problem of chess, we decided to implement games, but only nerdy ones, study a nice position from the grand chess tour 2021 a giant labyrinth ... All the classic summer games, but only advance to expert mode #stories 2 stories full story A gloomy song ~ inspired from a true story #twillightcore A gloomy story "Madeleine" by Alice Gelling A short novel; genre : twillightcore, thriller, horror from one of our new forces #art Here are the artists in the issue 4 📷 SashasHospital, looking at her drawing i'd say ""eerie" and "gloomy" are my two favourite colours ~ One of our new force, Sasha's hospital art 📷 AliceHatter Finally let's learn something about alt clothes, and how to look good at a baptism, Discover your shadowy side through the eyes of a baby ~ 📷 Momoko Kimura With us since n°3 Momoko is also one of our favorite force, she is a source of calm, with shadows in different textures of black, peaceul and quiet and solid ~ Alice Gelling Alice has a taste for detail, she described us a story that will give you the chills, a really nice gift, the entire text of "Madeleine" a short story that catapulted her to the rank of editorial director of the coolest magazine all the "cool magazines" scene 📷 TrezeTreze and unfortunately we no longer present it, it is not even its final form, the trezetreze, the cause of all the effects, not to look directly #interview We ask the right questions, just badly "What would you do in a case of alien invasion ?" "Do you sleep well ?" "Wich would be your superpower ?" ... We hope you'll really enjoy reading us and come back #postscriptum big ass lottery 100 GOLDEN SKULL TICKETS are printed means a one in 100 chance of winning a gift worth € 100 there are several ways to acquire golden skull tickets, Finally do not hesitate to to follow this page because other news will be added other mini games to win skull tickets .... TrezeTreze ~ Ghost ship operator 21st Aug 2021 ~ precedents numeros Suivre Sorcière 📷

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The creators Emmanuel Toullat (TrezeTreze) Graphic designer / Illustrator and his cat Are allies in the creation of "Sorcière Magazine". We aim for a very good quality in terms of printing Part of the budget goes to the printing of the magazine, a printing of 150 copies will cost us 200 €, which means 1.33 € / ex Then the cost varies depending on the delivery, if there is any, each delivery in France costs us 3.84 €, and more for an international delivery If the budget is exceeded (behind full gauge), this margin will be divided equally among all the participants in this issue. We factor all of this into the magazine's budget Born Collector For the future, the goal is to reach a sufficient number of sales before considering a newsstand distribution, for now, your opportunity is to get your hands on a born collector.

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